The Absolute Best Life Advice From John Cena’s Twitter

The Absolute Best Life Advice From John Cena’s Twitter
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John Cena is a semi-retired professional wrestler, phenomenal actor and part-time sage. If you’ve ever visited his Twitter, you’ll notice he has a lot of things to say — very wise, very relatable things. John Cena is a modern day Aristotle. He’s a poet and a scholar. When John Cena talks, we should all listen.

Whether it’s dealing with a bad break up, looking out for yourself or just managing your mental health, John Cena has something to say about that.

First, if you make a mistake: own up to it. John Cena says you need to accept responsibility for your words and how they may impact others.

Second, try to change. None of us have the keys to the universe. There’s so much we don’t know. If you’re wrong about something, admit it. Educate yourself. Realise we can’t know everything.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and John knows this better than most. We’re at our most vulnerable and impulsive when we’re put under pressure, or when we’re given power. It’s in those moments we come to understand who we are. It’s an excellent test of character.

In two words and two symbols, John recently discovered the secret to world peace. We must all come together and not create divisions in our society based on arbitrary criteria.

John also sees the value in being open to new experiences. We’re not all “cooked” to perfection, and there’s still plenty of time to try new things.

Finally, John Cena’s greatest advice: it’s on us to work hard for our goals, but perspective is how we achieve them. You can’t lose sight of what you’re fighting for, even when circumstances seem dire.

This isn’t the end of John Cena’s lovely Twitter advice. His page is packed to the brim with excellent anecdotes, friendly banter and life-changing advice. In 2020, we all need a helping hand. It might as well be John Cena’s.

Earlier in the year, in a time that feels decades ago now, I reached out to WWE’s local PR team to confirm whether John Cena runs his account or whether someone posts on his behalf. Sadly I didn’t get an answer, so the mystery remains.

I’d love to think John Cena is sitting somewhere in his grand mansion dispensing pitch-perfect life advice. He’s a fascinating figure, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s the wise old wizard behind the keys.

Any time you feel down, check out his Twitter and you’ll feel like a million bucks. His words are brilliant, highly motivating and always a joy.

Everyone, say thank you John Cena.

Update 7:07 a.m. AEDT, 18/12 – Following publication of this article, John Cena reached out via Twitter DM to confirm he personally runs both his Twitter and Instagram pages. The mystery has finally been solved, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.


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