Marvel’s Weird New Multiplayer Mobile Game Goes Live

Marvel’s Weird New Multiplayer Mobile Game Goes Live
Screenshot: Kabam / Kotaku

Available worldwide today for iOS and Android devices, Marvel Realm of Champions is an online team-based brawler that taps into 2015’s Secret Wars comic crossover to give players access to strange, alternate-dimension versions of their favourite heroes.

Not to be confused with developer Kabam’s popular fighting game, Marvel Contest of Champions, Realm of Champions is a bite-sized arena battler starring players’ customised versions of seven Marvel heroes — Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk, Black Panther (Shuri version), Storm, a female Sorcerer Supreme, and Captain America. There are several game modes available, including a 3-on-3 competitive game where players fight over a single control point on a very small map, 2-on-2-on-2 team deathmatch, and co-op battles against waves of AI enemies. It plays like a MOBA, but much smaller and more contained.

Screenshot: Kabam / KotakuScreenshot: Kabam / Kotaku

My favourite feature of Realm of Champions is character customisation. Each character has a series of equipment slots that can be fitted with powerful items which changes both stats and appearance. Odds are my Iron Man — sorry, Iron Legionnaire — won’t look like yours. My Sorcerer Supreme can look like a gender-swapped version of Doctor Strange or Brother Voodoo. I am a sucker for cosmetic equipment changes, even if my Iron guy looks like a cobbled-together mess.

Screenshot: Kabam / KotakuScreenshot: Kabam / Kotaku

It’s nice to see Secret Wars’ Battleworld getting some more play. It’s a very weird setting that makes for a Marvel game unlike anything I’ve played before. It’s free now on most phones so try it, you might like it.


  • For me, the problem with this game is that the characters look nothing like any past version of the characters, not even any of the Secret Wars versions. Storm, in particular, looks completely unrecognisable.

    I’m not interested in these unofficial versions of Marvel’s characters. I want to play as Storm, for example, not someone that sorta kinda maybe looks a little bit like a version of her but isn’t her.

    This game gets a hard pass from me as a result.

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