McDonald’s China Has A Spam and Oreos Burger, It Seems

McDonald’s China Has A Spam and Oreos Burger, It Seems
Image: McDonald’s China

Goodness. In what sounds like a dare, McDonald’s China is offering a Spam burger with crumbled cookies.

As pointed out by Daniel Ahmad on Twitter, the burger will go on sale in China starting December 21 and will apparently be limited to 400,000 Spam Oreo burgers.

Do note that the fine print does mention the Spam trademark and not the Oreo one. Oreos, of course, are widely available in China (and globally there are countless Oreo-type cookies), but according to Ahmad, the text does say Oreo.

Image: McDonald’s China Image: McDonald’s China

Inevitably, this burger has also ended up on r/shittyfoodporn.

I’m trying to imagine what two slices of spam, garnished with crumbled cookies between buns slathered with cream would taste like. But all I keep thinking of is the time that Snopes had to debunk Spam-flavored Oreos.


  • I saw it, I mocked it, I had the ingredients so I gave it a go

    I don’t hate it, I don’t love it, but I won’t be trying that again

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