Monster Hunter: World Review Bombed On Steam As Backlash To Movie Grows In China

Monster Hunter: World Review Bombed On Steam As Backlash To Movie Grows In China
Photo: Sony Pictures / Capcom

In the last 48 hours Monster Hunter: World has received over 2000 negative reviews on Steam after a racist joke in the Monster Hunter film has led to a backlash in China and calls to ban the film.

Daniel Ahmad, a senior analyst at Niko Partners, tweeted a clip from the Monster Hunter film yesterday showing the racist joke in question.

In the clip from the film, which was released this week in China, a soldier yells to another soldier: “What are my knees? What kind of knees are these? Chi-knees.” Many in China connected this joke to an old racist saying, as pointed out by Ahmad. This has led to widespread anger and backlash to the film.

As reported by Variety, the movie has since been pulled from most theatres in China. According to some reports, it appears an edited version of the film removing this joke may also be banned in China, effectively stopping the Paul W. S Anderson directed adaption from appearing in the country.

Capcom released a statement yesterday night distancing themselves from the film, with the company also claiming to be contacting the proper film companies and producers about the joke. However, many found this statement hollow as Capcom just recently revealed a Monster Hunter: World tie-in with the film, with Milla Jovovich’s character from the movie appearing as a playable character voiced by the actress.

Screenshot: Valve / KotakuScreenshot: Valve / Kotaku

All of this has led to Monster Hunter: World on Steam being reviewed bombed, with many recent negative reviews directly referencing the movie’s offensive joke. A lot of reviews reference some other racist shit. It’s a giant shit show that is only getting worse.

What’s odd is that Monster Hunter, the film, was vetted like by Chinese officials, like all other films, TV shows, and games. Yet this joke still slipped through. As pointed out by Ahmad, the subtitles and the English dialogue don’t match, with the subtitles referencing a Chinese idiom about men kneeling. This has only added to the controversy, with some viewers believing this was a direct insult to Chinese viewers.

Monster Hunter is planned to release on January 1, 2021 in Australia.


  • I’m just gonna say it… when is Hollywood going to learn not to give Paul WS Anderson movies to direct? The guy has been coasting on the good will earnt from Mortal Kombat and Event Horizon ever since their release, and to a *much* lesser extent, the first Resident Evil, even though it too sucked.

    He just pumps out trash after trash.

    Fun fact, I got to interview Zack Ward in 2007 or so, when POSTAL came out (yep, that awful film made by that other awful director, Uwe Boll lol). Because we’re gonna slam Anderson, let’s really bring out the low blows… Anderson is a jealous shmuck. So here’s a freebie for Kotaku, where Ward absolutely slams the shit out of Anderson and his half arsed approach to directing movies, his jealousy towards his wife and the implication that he excludes actors out of his movies due to it…

    Oh hey here it is, this is the 55min version, originally it was cut down to 20, still one of my favorite interviews I did, Ward was brilliant:

    Hope you all enjoy 🙂

    • I would not call what Anderson does trash. I like the RE movies because they were kinda dumb, and they progressed from the horrors approach in the first to this bombastic action movie. Sure, there not AMAZING HOLY SHIT! movies, but we don’t need them to be that.

      As to directors excluding actors for silly reasons, I’m sure they all do it to lesser or worse degrees. It’s almost a given, especially when Hollywood has a blacklist that actors can end up on for different reasons.

      • It’s cool you like his movies. I personally think they’re trash. He took a series that could’ve been a great callback to the Romero movies, to horror in general, and turned it into something that had no coherence, no style, spat out it’s talent and really just treated the property with no respect at all. In regard to the directors excluding actors, just because they do it, and just because ‘it’s a given’ doesn’t make it right, after all, people saying ‘it’s a given’, is the reason we ended up with movements like ‘metoo’…

        • I think the RE movies do a job. They arent Oscar material, but never intended to be. They were just fan service for people that played the games, and from that angle they worked.

          Personally, I’ve never sat through an entire RE movie. They just arent for me. But I can see that they would appeal to a specific demographic, and do a good enough job doing that.

          Could they have been better? Absolutely, but you can say that about most movies. But they could also have been a whole lot worse. The franchise has taken over $1.2b US globally. Thats not a fail.

          • I don’t think that it even works as fan service that well since almost all the fan favourite characters are killed off-screen or relegated to the background or made to look impotent needing director’s best character ever to save everyone.

          • No as a fan of the original RE games the movies were very much the opposite of fan service. Did not even attempt to capture the atmosphere of the games one bit. I think I may have been able to enjoy the movies more if I wasn’t a fan of the games but really they’re just too dumb for me.

      • Event Horizon is a masterpiece. One of my favourite ever horror films.
        But yeah I agree everything else this man touches is total shite.
        The RE films are embarrassingly bad and have nothing to do with the games.

        • I wish we didnt lose 90% of the R rated scenes so we could have gotten that Hard R version because oh boy that would have been somethin special!

    • *checks Box Office of last Resident Evil Movie

      $312 million gross of a production budget of $40 million. Hollywood will only “learn” to stop giving him projects if he learns to stop delivering hits from considerably modest budgets.

      Remember, there are no good movies or bad movies, there are just movies that make money and ones that don’t.

  • Ah the idiocy of review bombing, there really isnt anything more laughable. Keyboard heroes version of Homer saying he was a political prisoner.

  • The joke is fu***** shite, but I think there’s an argument here against just doing whatever is agreeable with a country that profits off of forced labour.
    We all sit here going “omg baby yoda!” whilst Disney go off and make content that has to appease whatever new bar China sets at the time.
    My short rant.

  • What pathetic sad little losers. Review bombing (which is already a dumb toxic practice) a game for something unrelated to that game, doesn’t get much dumber than that.

  • I think Chinese people should be more offended by their communist government running modern-day concentration camps and engaging in ethnic cleansing, Rather than a cringe joke from a cringe director.


    • But they’re being fed propaganda too and believe their fighting back against organised destabilisation efforts, it’s a red hot mess.

        • Their propaganda model is basically the same as ours (western).
          Take any subject, focus only on that which benefits the narrative, amplify and saturate while ignoring, discrediting or distracting from the negatives.

          • It’s not so much their propaganda is the same as the west, but more that elements of the west have realized that to maintain power, it’s much more effective to use the methods of authoritarian governments.

            If anything, ALL governmanets worldwide have evolved into this nightmare mix of authoritarian rule over a short attention span hyper-capitalist population base….just like Brave New World now that I think about it…

      • They are literally modern day Nazis and countries don’t seem to give a shit. Basically anything the Chinese government say is useless and should be ignored. Australians need to hurry up and move their business elsewhere, so they can’t be economically fucked by them.

        This joke was kinda bad, but in no way is it racist lmao. It’s basically just rhyming (terribly)

        • Ive said for the last few years now, China is on par with pre WW2 Germany on how bad they are and doing some of the EXACT SAME THINGS as they did pre and during the war, the first country SINCE then that actually deserves some kind of response, but none of the countries do anything because money? It sure isnt because “war is bad”.

  • I thought the review bombing was going to come from the fact that due to direct negligence of the director a stunt woman lost her arm and had her face partially “de-sleeved”. Then to top it off she had to sue to get her rightful compensation.

    I guess joking about China is much worse. /s

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