New Mass Effect Game Very Briefly Teased At Game Awards

New Mass Effect Game Very Briefly Teased At Game Awards
Screenshot: BioWare

New Mass Effect teased during the Game Awards. 

No word on if this will be a sequel to Mass Effect: Andromeda or a continuation of the Shepard trilogy, the trailer features an asari (who could be Liara) picking up a piece of N7 armour.


  • I am going to be supremely annoyed if we’re seeing a return of Commander Shepard. The third and final episode of the trilogy was supposed to be the definitive end of Shepard’s story. Bringing her back because so-called fans didn’t like leaving the Milky Way feels like cheap pandering.

    • (Normally I wouldn’t be so salty about this and would have loads of optimism, but Bioware squandered all that goodwill with catastrophically poor management of Anthem and the departure of everyone who made ME what it was. Who the fuck is left to develop this thing, and have they learned literally anything about their abysmal development practices including the apparently ongoing attempts to shoehorn Frostbite into somewhere it doesn’t fit to please their corporate overlords?)

    • Yeah, I really hope she isn’t the protagonist or involved in the narrative. I think it’s pretty unlikely though given Liara (presumably) looks really old, and if she’s old Shepard’s long gone.

      I still sort of wish there was an Andromeda 2 that polished what was good and fixed what was missing from Andromeda, but I know that’ll never happen after the way it was treated. Perhaps foolish, perhaps not, I’m still excited about a new ME, whatever it ends up being.

    • I would just like to point out that he survived in my first playthrough. Being late to the party had its advantages.

      Also, on Frostbite. Im pretty sure its the corporate overlords forcing them to keep using it. They want everyone on the in house engine because cheaper and “easier”.
      Not to defend Bioware at all, i agree with everything you said. Just from what i’d heard this particular issue isnt their fault.

  • I would love to see this as a far distant future where the events of the ME trilogy have faded to myth and Legend. You could still have call backs to the originals but it could be set within a “new” milkway galaxy with familiar locations that have dramatically changed over the intervening years – possibly with even more futuristic tech that could allow travel between galaxies as easily as between star systems.

  • As someone who thought ME3s ending was one of the worst endings to a video game in living memory (with only AC3 being worse).
    Im very much Fuck transientmind and his shit Mass effect takes and gimme that return of Shepard. LOL
    Also it would make sense why Casey would leave after just coming back after if the plan was to pretty much give a middle finger to the horrible way Mass Effect was treated by Caseys ego in the final game.

    • As someone who thinks Transientmind is one of the nicest and most thoughtful commenters here, i’m with you! Fuck transientmind, Shepard forever Transientmind never!

      • My mates ps3 was busted at the time, so he came over to my place to play it, i watched, played a few missions, it was so bad (gameplay wise) that i didnt really want to play it on the 360 i bought it for, but decided i was going to anyway….Until the ending. Fuck me that was awful. Never ended up playing it. I actively dislike all the american games. and have avoided them all.
        I really enjoyed Syndicate, and i have unity as i picked it up for $4

  • well as someone who enjoyed Andromeda, I honestly wouldn’t mind if they went the route of a clean break

    sure have some superficial called back to the past games but you know start something new.

  • I’m still of the opinion that you give andromeda to a team of good developers and you could really make something of it. It really had the base of a great expansion to the franchise.

  • 1. sheps story is done. future milky way with a new main character im fine with. but how do you one up the reaper storyline when your game is set in a world where they existed?
    2. i like my ryder character and andromeda was a good game, im down for a sequel.
    3. mass effect plz.

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