Some Australians Still Won’t Get Their RTX 3080 Cards Until February

Some Australians Still Won’t Get Their RTX 3080 Cards Until February
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Getting any good hardware has been an absolute nightmare this year. But let’s just take a small moment to commiserate for those who tried to buy an RTX 3080, with some stores telling users that their cards won’t arrive in the country until February.

One user shared their tale of woe in the Kotaku Australia Discord channel, showcasing their struggles trying to get an RTX 3080. They were trying to order the card from PC Case Gear, one of the biggest online PC retailers in country, only to be hit with this miserable news:

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The RTX 3080 has been super popular since its release, partially because it offers strong enough 4K ray traced performance while not costing over $2000 like the RTX 3090. And consequently, stores in Australia have constantly been struggling to fulfil orders of Nvidia’s flagship gaming card.

Here’s a look at the full PC Case Gear update for the RTX 3080 supply. While all orders were filled for some models, many others have stalled shipments, and other users who placed their orders in October or November won’t get their cards until February at least.

Now, it’s not just PC Case Gear that’s having trouble either. Another major retailer, PLE Computers — who offered the widest range of RTX 3080 cards that were closest to the original Nvidia MSRP — has it much worse. According to their status tracker, many users preordered RTX cards in September and they still don’t have an ETA on when it’ll arrive:

Imagine dropping $1200+ on a card in mid-September and still not having a shipping date.

MWAVE, another one of the big retailers based out of Sydney, is similarly hard up for stock. Some EVGA models are arriving just before Christmas, but other small shipments have already been allocated, and others either don’t have an ETA or they’re not scheduled to arrive until January at best.

For those who preordered when the second wave of GPUs dropped in October — and for some still who have been waiting since September — it’s been a rough few months. At least everyone who ordered a PS5 or Xbox Series X by September or October actually got their consoles before Christmas.

And, unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like supply is going to get any easier by the start of the new year. Nvidia’s chief financial officer told the Credit Suisse annual tech conference that supply shortages will be the norm throughout all of this quarter, meaning that it could be March or April before things start to really settle down.

In the interim, what the Kotaku Australia reader — and others I know who have been in a similar situation — did was downgrade: they cancelled their order to buy a RTX 3070 instead. It’s definitely not as good as the RTX 3080, but when faced with that or no GPU at all, the RTX 3070 is the best choice. (And it’s not like things are any better with the RX 6800 series cards either.)



  • look i know nvidia doesnt care, money is money they dont care where it comes from, and likewise down the chain. but surely they could do something like create a block in the gpus that stops it from working as a crypto miner. something that can be unlocked in software 6-9 months down the track. stop the initial way of fwits buying up these cards for not their intended purposes.

    • Why would they do that? They specifically sold a ton of cards ($175 million worth) directly to crypto miners. That’s 230,000 cards at retail price, though likely they charged more than retail to the miners. Even if they sold the cards for 4x the price, that’s still over 58,000 cards.

      NVIDIA 100% definitely doesn’t give a single shit about gamers despite what they repeatedly claim.

      • are you wilfully ignorant? “look i know nvidia doesnt care, money is money they dont care where it comes from, and likewise down the chain.” its right there.

        • Maybe you need to think about how you compose your comments then, because you immediately follow that comment with “but” and then a run on waffle of speculation and suggestions about what they could do instead.

          If I said something like “I know that people vote with their hip-pocket but surely this election people could vote for the national interest” it’s clear that that the point of your comment is to advocate that people do something other than the thing you described at the start.

          • a comment accepting the reality of the situation and then pointing out an ideal scenario is not a difficult concept to understand. maybe brush up on your english comprehension skills?

  • The problem is that a very large number of people are ordering the same cards (the cheapest ones). So naturally they’re going to take the longest to fill. I ordered an evga ftw3 Ultra (one of the cheapest cards) and was sitting in the same place in the queue for 2 months (and would still be in the same place since the oldest order from PLE is still from 19/9), switched to an Aorus Xtreme (one of the most expensive) and my card was just shipped today. Less than one month from when I switched.

    I’m not saying go out and pay another $500 more to get it sooner. But that is an option. And there are cards even cheaper than that that are getting filled pretty fast as well and for only $50 to$ 200 more than the cheaper ones.

  • I ordered an RTX3080 the day after the launch and I ordered the new AMD 5900X cpu and other bits for a new PC the day of launch . I’ve been playing using the CPU for the last month and still awaiting my graphics card. I might just go purchase an 3070 now after reading this.

  • I’ve been waiting since September, and will be waiting a bit longer it seems.

    It isn’t the end of the world. My 2070 Super is keeping up with most games. All it means is that I’ve delayed my purchase of a 4K TV until next year (which is a good thing; I have more money for summer). Getting angry or upset about it achieves nothing positive.

    In the immortal words of the Little Green Guru: “Patience you must have, my young Padawan.”

    • In the immortal words of the Little Green Guru: “Patience you must have, my young Padawan.”

      He only said that because his 3080 had already arrived 😛

  • Got a 6800XT reference card for $1040AUD, felt that was a bit high at the time. BUT now people are paying $1500AUD for them, kinda feel lucky! 🙂

    • until you try to use ray tracing and realise youre getting 50% the performance of an nvidia card. whether thats your jam is up to you, but its a massive fail on amd’s part.

  • i managed to get a 3070 from pc case gear last week i had been holding out for a msi 3070/80 card but when night while checking i saw the inno3d was instock and i jumped on it next day was sold out again.

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