OH NO, He’s Hot!

OH NO, He’s Hot!
Image: Nintendo / Square Enix / Kotaku

This week we catch up on ALL the Cyberpunk 2077 news, check out a bunch of Xbox consoles playing Crimson Skies, get yelled at by Santa, watch the new trailer for Fall Guys Season 3 and look at shirtless Sephiroth.

Great Kotaku Content From The Past Week

Cyberpunk 2077’s Character Creator: The Kotaku Review

The thing that interested me the most about Cyberpunk 2077 was its character creator. I’m someone who’s spent a lot of her time thinking about character creators and how they work for people who are not cis, white, able bodied, or male. I had hope that Cyberpunk’s creator would meaningfully...

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Cyberpunk’s character creator has some highs, but it fails in a lot of other ways. At least the character creator isn’t super buggy…

Four Generations Of Xbox Console Can Play The Same Game Together

When we think of backwards compatibility we tend to only think of a game from an older system running on its replacement. But as this video shows, in the right circumstances, a console released in 2001 can play the same game at the same time as one released in 2020,...

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This is cool. But also, hey, maybe we should get a new Crimson Skies.

McDonald’s China Has A Spam and Oreos Burger, It Seems

Goodness. In what sounds like a dare, McDonald’s China is offering a Spam burger with crumbled cookies.

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Streamers Flabbergasted After Twitch Partially Bans The Word ‘Simp’

It’s been yet another long 24 hours for Twitch — the latest in what’s shaped up to be an agonizingly long year for the company (and also everybody on Earth). Yesterday afternoon, Twitch held a live town hall with the goal of illuminating recent policy changes and features around DMCAs,...

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A fantastic headline for a great story. We all need to use the word flabbergasted more often. For example, I’m FLABBERGASTED (see) by that burger above.


I expected some disappointment after Cyberpunk 2077 came out, that’s just how these long-hyped games go. But I didn’t expect the shitshow we are seeing now.

“You fuckers also need to make like 10x as many PS5s. If I see another fucking skit on SNL about me, you are all fired!”

Spongebob Squarepants got weirder than I remember.



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