PlayStation Vita’s Store Isn’t Working For Some Reason

PlayStation Vita’s Store Isn’t Working For Some Reason
Image: Sony / Kotaku

Widespread issues with PlayStation Network on PlayStation Vita have kept players from downloading or transferring games to the handheld for almost 24 hours. Kotaku contacted Sony earlier in the day for more information but didn’t hear back before publication.

The first sign of a problem was posted to the r/Vita subreddit late last night, when user mynameispotato92 made a thread about the issues they were having downloading a previously purchased game from the system’s PlayStation Store app.

“I went to download [Ys Origin] on Vita and it would not let me, giving me error code NP-2245-3 for not being able to connect to [PlayStation Network] within the time limit,” the post reads.

Since then, that post and another just like it have been inundated with comments from other Vita owners unable to download their digital games. A similar thread was posted to games forum ResetEra this morning, noting that transferring games from PlayStation 3 to Vita was also broken. Testing by Kotaku exhibited the same issue several times over the course of the day.

Error code generated when attempting to download a Vita demo today from its Store.  (Screenshot: Sony / Kotaku) Error code generated when attempting to download a Vita demo today from its Store. (Screenshot: Sony / Kotaku)

In October Sony sent a wave of concern through the Vita community when it removed all Vita, PS3, and PSP content from the mobile and web versions of the PlayStation Store, eliminating a convenient way to purchase and manage new games for those older systems. Many interpreted this as a warning sign that the company’s support for those platforms could be coming to an end.

And now, with Vita downloads halted, concerns over digital ownership have spiked for Vita owners now facing difficulties making purchases or downloading games they’ve already bought.

It’s unclear what any of this means. Odds are decent it’s just a temporary PlayStation Network bug. RPG Site staff writer James Galizio recently showed on Twitter that the PSP can still access its download list; Kotaku was not able to verify this independently. In addition, he correctly noted that the nifty yet star-crossed Vita is still seeing a trickle of game releases in Japan. So that’s a good sign.

Unfortunately, it looks like Vita owners will remain in the dark until Sony says something about the issue. Here’s hoping it gets resolved and the Vita’s Store app and PS3 transfer capability continue to function well into the future.


  • Welcome to the great digital only world people!

    Its all great and convenient till you realise you are at the mercy of who owns the server and whether they keep your game available or not..

  • Actually contemplated buying physical games for my Vita for this exact reason.

    All the ones I want have held their value quite well.

  • They’ve responded a few times on their @AskPlayStation support twitter account directing people to the support website, which has no reference to the error code.

    It’s pretty obvious that they’ve pushed out a software update on the servers without testing how it would affect legacy platforms. It’s a bit insulting that they haven’t acknowledged it, or recovered 24 hours later.

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