Someone Found A Weird Unreleased Simpsons Game On An Old Dreamcast Dev Kit

Someone Found A Weird Unreleased Simpsons Game On An Old Dreamcast Dev Kit

Sreak, a user over on the Dreamcast-Talk forums, posted the files from an old, broken Dreamcast dev kit hard drive. Users quickly found inside an unreleased, incomplete and odd Simpsons game, which it seems had never been publicly announced or revealed.

Yesterday, Sreak posted that they wanted to upload some files from an old Dreamcast dev kit and was curious if folks would want them to do that. People seem interested so they uploaded the contents of the dev kit and others began digging through the files. User Megavolt85 found files and images for The Simpsons Bug Squad! Megavolt85 was also able to get it running, allowing another user, pcwzrd13, to play the game and create a video of it in action.

What’s here is less a game and more a prototype or tech demo featuring a cell-shaded recreation of the famous Simpsons home and some characters from the show, like Homer.

What’s odd is that Bug Squad! seems to star a random, not-very-Simpsons-looking bug. It resembles Mister Mosquito, with players exploring the Simpsons’ house as a bug, who is presumably part of a squad based on the game’s name.

The game was being developed by Red Lemon and this specific demo seems to have been created back in October 2000, over 20 years ago. Red Lemon is also the developer behind another unreleased Dreamcast game, Take The Bullet. Some new files and data from that game were also found on Sreak’s Dreamcast dev kit.

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