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Welcome to Talk Amongst Yourselves, the friendliest community on the web. Chat about recipes for dinner, team compositions for Sword & Shield, or just have a good old rant about work. Whatever works, you’ll find someone like-minded to chat about it here.

As a bonus, we’ve also got a Kotaku Australia-only community Discord! If you want to jump in, you can do that via the widget below. We’ve got a lovely little community going, and you can ping myself or Leah any questions, or hang out with the other TAYbies. Highly recommended. Lot of cool people in there.


  • A nice, fresh TAY. Breathe it in, boys (and girls).

    Who’s looking forward to October? I feel like there’s a lot going on.
    We got that TIME LIMITED Mario Battle Royale thing and Crash 4 at the start, Doom Eternal’s first DLC campaign, and – if you’re foolish enough to be bit again – the new WoW expansion.
    Plus probably dozens of other games.

  • Really enjoyed this years PAX online. Didn’t catch everything I wanted too, but was great to have the different streams on in the background while I was working and joining in the chat when I had a moment. They did really well to capture that ‘festival’ feeling online.

  • Hi TAY, long time no speak! I haven’t read Kotaku in a couple of years but just on a whim popped in today and it makes me happy to see TAY is around. Hope you’re all well and safe, and enjoying your gaming!

  • Apparently there was a rating spotted in Taiwan for Metal Gear, Metal Gear Solid and MGS2 on PC.
    Haven’t played through the earlier MGS, so defintely looking forward to this if true.

    • having looked at the scripting. I believe if you use any type of ad-blocking program it interferes with the moderation script that is supposed to hide those comments.

  • Forgive me if this a topic that’s already been done to death. I’be been away for a while.

    It isn’t often that a website, especially a news website, updates to something far, far worse than the original. But Kotaku have managed to do just that.

    The Gods know the old website wasn’t perfect, but at least you could find everything, and it was straight up and down. This new visual diarrhoea is a mish mash of old stories, new stories, big stories, little stories, and ads. All over the place. The stories at the top of the page aren’t necessarily the latest, or even interesting. They’re the sponsored crap. How many stories about Crash-Freaking-Bandicoot dor I need to see over and over. Whats more, not all the stories make it to the main page, which I only discovered this morning. There are stories under the various headings (PS, MS, PC, Mobile etc) that sit lonely and unloved because no-one knows they’re there.

    Then you go to a story and there is another story posted beneath it for no apparent reason (except maybe to worsen load times). For example, there is a week old story at the bottom of this page. If I wanted to read it, I’d a read it a week ago. And there’s another story below that, and below that. Who thought that was a good idea?

    The comments section is so much worse than it once was. Gone is the ability to see if someone has responded to your comment. Gone are the up and down votes. Gone is a decent text editor. Just boring, drab comments, that quite often aren’t even switched on. Today we got the latest version of 12 Greatest Games on PC… and the comments are closed. Mind you, showing the comments that are being moderated is an interesting touch… though it seems to defeat the purpose.

    Ads to the left of us, ads to the right, and ads above and below. The story has been relegated to less than a third of the screen – a narrow column that seems more of an afterthought that the reason we come to the site in the first place. I get that advertising is how you make money, but we don’t come here to watch ads.

    Autoplay videos that we can’t control. Nothing new. That was a problem on the old site. Hell, it was THE SAME VIDEOS on the old site. Nothing new. just the same tired Medieval, Gods of War, Untitled Goose game or Darksiders clips, again and again and again (and again). Relevant to the story? No. Relevant to anything? Not any more.

    Seriously, I hope the person responsible for this crap didn’t get paid. And the person who signed off on it has nightmares and terrible reflux.

    • That shouldn’t be the case — all stories should be getting posted to the main page. Comments are always switched on (although there has been a couple of bugs with stories syndicating from Giz or coming through the pipe twice, but they’re bugs).

      The comments thing on the PC games is a new bug as well — cheers for flagging. And I’ll double check the front page thing. I can’t see why stories wouldn’t be going to the front page, and I’m sure they’re not being hidden, but let me follow up on that.

      • Hey Alex

        Thanks for responding 🙂

        The first one I noticed was:

        which is on the PC page, but I can’t see anywhere on the main page.

        I’ve seen quite a few stories where there’s been no comments section. Often the author has said something daft or controversial or made a ridiculous sweeping statement, so I assumed it was deliberate to avoid the inevitable backlash.

      • I don’t know if it’s related to the main page thing that was mentioned, but I have noticed I will read an article on the main page and when I go to find the article again (to share it, or see if I had replies to my comments, because oh god, I miss comment notifications), its gone. I can’t find on the main page. It’s not above or below the article I remember being above or below it on the front page anymore. But if use my browser history to get there, it’s still live on the site, so far as I can tell.

      • Loss of notification and some articles still not having comments on them..

        Is there anyway to stop that stupid embedded auto playing thing from becoming an obnoxious floating window covering the bottom right of the screen? Its bad enough it autoplays on ny tablet and i need to actively pause it… but the moment I scroll past it starts to take real estate at the bottom right covering a part of the screen, attempt to autoplay again and since its a touch screen i am more likely to tap on it and open the adlink instead of closing it with the “x” and i have to wait precious minutes for it to finally go away automatically

        • I think you’ve answered your own question there. The ad is accidentally, but conveniently, causing a spike in click throughs making it a nice little earner and giving Pedestrian no incentive whatsoever to address any time soon.

      • The same way we get used to the stench of an open sewer or train noises when living next to a railway line.

        Realistically, a shiny new website shouldn’t be something we have to get used to. It should be something we delight in.

        • Don’t get me wrong, I had my share of loud complaining when it hit. I still don’t know why they fixed what wasn’t broken, and there are still some basic functionality bits missing, and also that thing where some videos autoplay with sound if you scroll too fast…
          but you get used to it.

    • From a user perspective infinite scrolling literally has not one redeeming feature. It makes it exceptionally difficult to pan to the bottom of articles, and to look for the comments section, and sucks huge amounts of unnecessary bandwidth.

      Also, the site now looks like vomit, all the time, and the good content is very quickly buried.

      Pedestrian has made a decision to focus on page impressions for both ads and articles instead of click throughs, to the point that the site may as well now effectively be an outbrain link farm with more than a hint of search engine optimisation.

      If I were an advertiser I’d be running a mile from these kinds of turn of the millennia shenanigans. Any click throughs that do happen are much more likely than not to be unintentional.

      • I do find one positive thing for infinite scrolling… its at least minimised those stupid slow loading nested ads which would load after u scroll to the bottom… at least there is now a visible cap on those loading nested ads..

  • Soooo… I am one of the very many victims who have fallen into the abyss that is tuber streaming as of late….

    Been bloody addicted to VOM’s Amano Pikamee and then theres the new batch of Hololive English girls. The abyss keeps ever growing!

  • Hi everyone. A question.
    If you buy Cyberpunk 2077 for the PS4, could you then play it on the PS5 with possible frame rate boosts? Like a back compat sort of play mode? While waiting for the actual next gen version of the game to come out?
    Or is that sort of backwards compat with speed boost only an Xbox thing?

    • Yes — it’ll work on the PS5.

      With frame rate boosts or optimisations? That specifically might not happen until it gets a PS5 optimised patch, but playing it on the PS5 at launch day will be an improved experience (load times with the SSD, for instance).

      But it won’t fully take advantage of the new hardware until CDR optimise the game for the console specifically.

      The backwards compat with speed boost isn’t for current-gen games, but for Xbox / Xbox 360 titles on the new console.

      • Thanks for answering that, Alex.

        I gotta be honest with y’all… There was exactly 0% doubt in my mind that I would buy a PS5 over a Series X/S until the ‘Bethesda announcement’. The uncertainty over whether certain Bethesda titles will come out on PS5 has planted a seed of doubt in my mind that keeps growing.

        As awesome as I think the Game Pass system thingy on Xbox is, I’m an ageing dude who cares about quality over quantity so that didn’t shake my PS loyalty. The notion that I might not be able to play Fallout 5 (if/when it even exists) on PS5, however, is making me question the very ground I’m standing on.

        Bit melodramatic but you get the idea.

  • So there’s a petition posted by Keven Rudd for a royal commission in to media diversity in Australia, trending as #murdochroyalcommission unsurprisingly.
    Traffic has been causing chaos to the government website all weekend and it’s nearly hit 100k in a few short days at the time of this post.
    (Pretty crazy for an Australian petition)

    • I think it would be a lot more than 100k if the petition site actually worked. I’ve tried to sign it several times over the last 24 hours and it keeps giving me errors, which seems like a common enough occurrence that they’ve put a technical difficulties disclaimer at the top of the page.

      • Yeah the site started experiencing “difficulties“ almost instantly after it was announced.

        Some of the tips I’ve seen is, try different browsers, avoid using auto fill and check your junk for the confirmation email (mine was in junk)

        I had the issue where the option to select “I’m not a robot” in captcha didn’t appear until after it failed the first time.

  • Holy moly, does today’s article, ‘George Lucas Also Would have Killed Luke Skywalker in Star Wars Episode 8’, feature some woeful grammar. This sentence did my head in:

    “The book also reveals, about Lucas’s version of the story from 2012, that it featured a figure much like Rey, a young woman becoming a Jedi.”

    Here are three alternative ways that sentence could have been written, which avoid massacring the English language:

    “Hidalgo’s book also reveals that Lucas’ 2012 version of the story features a young woman on a journey to become a Jedi, much like Rey.”

    “It is also revealed in Hidalgo’s book that Lucas’ 2012 story featured a female character who was destined to become a Jedi, much like the character of Rey from Johnson’s 2017 screenplay.”

    “Regarding Lucas’ original vision for the story, Hidalgo’s book reveals that it featured a character much like Rey: a young woman becoming a Jedi.”

    Grammar am important.

  • @Alex
    I’m curious if you could give me some insight in to how promoted articles work here now.
    There seems to be a lot more of them, few related to selling products and some even promoting negative articles for some odd reason.

    • From what I understand, if there’s no sponsored content running then local or US articles — based on some kind of algorithm around what people have read, I think — will get “promoted” instead.

      Basically it’s designed to avoid the problem of a single article appearing on site for aeons past its use by date, if that makes sense.

      • No, that actually does make a lot of sense.

        I wanted to ask because originally I thought competitive interests were being given the opportunity to promote negative articles but then a lot of other stuff showing up really didn’t make a lick of sense to be used that way.

        Thanks for that.

  • Continuing my gripes about the god-awful new website:

    The autoplay videos – you know the ones. Those annoying videos that have nothing to do with the article you’re reading and haven’t changed in months – are now all titled “Ori and the Will of the Wisps is Beautiful”.

    Now this should hardly be news to anyone, since the game has been out for 8 months, but telling us that while a video for Kind Words, Outer Worlds or Medieval is running seems a little off-topic.

    • It’s all random my friend… and honestly I’ve almost given up on checking up Kotaku outside of my home pc browser unless I’m really bored as the autoplay videos are intrusively annoying. They have a tendency to “unpause” and start playing once you scroll down to comments on a tablet.

      • I believe the trick is if you scroll PAST the comment section – something too easy to do with infinite scrolling. That seems to begin the unmuted autoplay for me, at least.

  • Soo…. just being random for the sake of random… I find myself looking forward the new Nep Nep game coming next year since my descent into the hole that is vTubers =P

    That is all…

  • Is there any chance at all the notifications that someone has replied will ever be coming back?

    Its increasingly hard to get discussions going outside of the usual hot topics anymore (which im really trying to avoid these days because of the almost always expected toxicity and frankly im over that) because you would have to constantly revisit any article just to check replies a lot of the casual stuff is getting neglected like TAY =/

      • I appreciate it when I see that someone has taken the time to acknowledge my post enough to respond to it, even if just to tell me I’m an idiot. On the other hand, instant notifications inevitably lead to dumpster fires of two or three people arguing in circles and not listening to each other.

        In the end I’m happy with the lack of notifications. Say your piece and let it speak for you, take a decently long breath and allow others a chance to comment before firing back again.

        If you really care, sure, stop back in a day or so for a second bite. After an article has dropped off the front page, however, it’s time to acknowledge that nothing you have written is high literature and move on with your life.

        Frankly, I can’t remember too many active discussions outside of the “usual hot topics” in the years when notifications were actually happening. If people can’t get their heart rate up in the Kotaku comments section they rarely seem to bother at all, notifications or not.

        • Well there used to be fairly fun short discussions on other topics like the random jp otaku culture stuff.. heck even the mma ones had small talk evety now and then..

          And thats kinda the issue though… hot topics will always have that back and forth by the very nature ppl will always check the responses religiously sure its not as instant but you will get that convo/discussion/argument chain..

          Smaller topics like even TAY wont ever get that unless alex bumps TAY again and people remember to check

  • Alex, Why the fuck are you reposting the thread that wont go away with the mcdonalds menu thing over and over again.
    Do you have that thing on a timer?

  • It looks like Sony has broken the PlayStation Store APIs used by the Vita. I went to download a game to my Vita, and can’t access the download list or click the download links in the store app.

    It looks like the problem is affecting people globally (in as much as people are still using their Vitas).

    • I’d say it’s a direct result of how fucked the site is. Alex, why not role back to the old version? Or fix the new version? Anything would be better than this current steamy dog turd. It’s easily the worst site i visit in terms of architecture. Only the AU content makes it worth visiting (which is excellent i should say).

      • You’re aware that there’s Buckley’s chance of that happening, right? And also that the change was ordered well above Alex’s pay grade.

          • I despise the current website as much as anyone, as demonstrated elsewhere in these comments. I was just commenting on the request for a full roll back and the assertion that Alex might have some authority to make that happen.

            There’s really no point in pretending that the current website isn’t here to stay. My view is that it’s best to focus on two or three of the really annoying things (eg autoplay videos, infinite scroll) and advocate for changes there instead of just saying that the whole thing sucks (even though the whole thing largely does suck).

            By accounts Alex is, at least, trying to apply some background influence to implement some QoL tweaks.

    • I was going to respond, but when I logged in (because it keeps logging me out for some reason), it went back to the front page and suddenly, I couldn’t be arsed anymore.
      This happens quite frequently.

  • Wow. I just watched the latest Hitman 3 promo video and it reveals that the graphical, animation etc enhancement for 3 are going to carry back into 1 and 2. Being able to play the whole trilogy with the benefit of the improvements? That’s immense.

    • They’ve kicked some serious goals with how they’ve structured the new Hitman games. They definitely deserve more credit for the little ecosystem they’ve created for their games.

  • With the release of cyberpunk, it’s time to stay off the internet for a while.
    People are allowed to like things, but it’s not really my thing. Enjoy your punking the cybers

  • Okay seriously wtf… I never thought those autoplay vids can be anymore obnoxious but congratulations youve hit a new level of annyoing

    @Alex Walker why in the world does the damned ad before the video have audio when i have set those videos to mute? Its bloody annoying when i just want to read and the damned ad auto plays again when i scroll past… second its bad enough for that damned ad to autoplay… now because of continuous articles if i scroll too far down it will then play the nested video ad in the next article which i now have to frantically scroll down to find and stop because the ad will also be blasting audio… fix this crap!

  • If the rumoured free daily games from Epic list is legit.
    Anyone who doesnt have an account, should probably sign up.
    (DL, RE7, Witcher 3, ME:A, AC:O, MGSV, TEW2, FC5, FO4, BL3, MHW, DA:I, HZD, GR:B, HM2)

  • Happy New Year to you all, even the guys I might not agree with sometimes.
    I hope this year is a good one for you!

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