The Xbox Is Getting A New Perfect Dark

The Xbox Is Getting A New Perfect Dark
Screenshot: Microsoft

The next Perfect Dark game is an ecological sci-fi thriller being made by Microsoft’s studio The Initiative.

Announced during the 2020 Game Awards, the new game looks like it will throw series protagonist Joanna Dark into the world of corporate espionage in the near future as humanity tries to engineer solutions to various climate disasters.

Here’s the trailer:

The game appears to be a reboot of sorts, with game director Dan Neuburger saying in an interview posted on YouTube shortly after the announcement that the studio would be “reinventing the franchise.” Part of that will entail making the game’s combat very spy-focused, which the developers distinguished from standard first-person-shooter fare as being more acrobatic and less cover-based.

Originally created by Rare, there have only been four games in the series, including a Game Boy Colour spin-off and a remaster of the original N64 game for the Xbox 360 in 2010. Fans have been speculating that a new one might be in the works as Microsoft re-invests in its first-party series.

Screenshot: MicrosoftScreenshot: Microsoft

The Initiative, based in Santa Monica, California, was formed two years ago to help lead that effort, with former Crystal Dynamics head Darrell Gallagher at the helm. While today’s Perfect Dark teaser was a nice introduction, no release window was given and it looks like it could still be a ways out. Still, after a decade since the last game, what’s a few more years of waiting.


  • The screenshots of all the Microsoft games look very flat and with basic textures which was the thing Halo was criticised for. Yet looking at this it seems like the same thing yet again.
    Do their studios know how to develop for their system or what’s going on?

    • This is cgi thematic trailer, hardly a tell of how the game will look. Halo is a fair call but they are still working on that and it won’t be out until fall 2021.

  • It’s sounds good (being spy based and not a standard shooter). But if they want to bring this franchise back, it’s going to have to be a big hit. A lot of younger people probably don’t know a whole lot about the series, so it’s pretty much a new IP to them. Kind of like what Id did with Doom.

  • Yeah I’ll wait until I see some actual gameplay, Perfect Dark already fooled me with the underwhelming Zero so I stay reserved about this news as a whole.

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