This Cyberpunk 2077 Perk Is The Absolute Worst

This Cyberpunk 2077 Perk Is The Absolute Worst
Image: CD Projekt Red
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There are many viable builds and options in Cyberpunk 2077 for wrecking Night City. But some options are more superior than others, and one option is just straight up garbage.

If you’re doing a stealth focused build, one of the initial perks sounds attractive: Dagger Dealer. It lets you throw knives, which sounds perfect for any kind of sneaking about. Toss a knife, get a quick takedown from range, and carry on.

Image: Kotaku Australia (Cyberpunk 2077)

There’s just one small, tiny detail that the perk menu kinda forgot to overlook.

Knives in Night City? They’re, uh, not retrievable.

In case that needs further explanation, let me be a bit clearer. You can pick up a good knife in Cyberpunk 2077, throw it, and you’ll lose it forever. No pulling it out of a body. No grabbing a bad throw up off the floor. Doesn’t matter how good the knife is, whether it’s a crappy shiv, an uncommon, rare or legendary. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

It’s such a strange, bizarre omission that I can’t help but wonder if it was a necessity, as if a workable solution for throwing knives couldn’t be found otherwise.

I’ve stupidly gotten the single perk here, but then realised pretty quickly that it was an absolutely worthless investment. There’s no point picking up rare gear to use once. That’s not what an RPG is all about. And sure, later on in the game you can completely respec your V — and I say later on, because it’ll cost you around 100,000 eddies to do so.

Most of the main missions don’t really net you sums of cash that large, so to respec you’ll have to deliberately grind for cash. That’s made a lot easier if you’ve invested perk points into crafting, since one of the later perks gives you more cash for selling crafted items. Access points are another way to earn a few grand from every mission you do, provided you’ve gotten the Extended Network Interface and Advanced Datamine perks under Breach Protocol.

So whatever you do, make sure you never get the knives perk in Cyberpunk. And don’t bother with any of its follow up perks either. Not only is that a waste of perk points, but you can’t respec attribute points — so if you’re hoping to correct some of those major decisions down the road, you’re shit out of luck.

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  • I bought the knife perk and others that boosted damage for them, and well, I can’t really say I’ve even used them yet, at all. I figured they might be a good tool to use during stealth, but when a silenced revolver seems to one shot head shot everything in stealth, seems kinda redundant. More so now that I now that they are retrievable and reusable.

    Probably a good time to go and respec and undo all these regretful perk decisions.

    • The sheer power of crit bonuses from mods + reflex points + being in stealth + shooting behind cover + being out of stealth (god bless this one) makes knives the most worthless thing on the planet.

      You ping one person and can just start wiping the floor with enemies from miles away. It’s hilarious but also it seems *incredibly* broken in a way that it shouldn’t be. But hey, it’s fun, so fuck it.

      • I saw Spiffing Brits broken pistol video that abused all the stacked crit perks and pistols innate crit on headshot passive… that was thoroughly amusing!

  • Well, that’s too late. I got excited about the perk. I then bought a knife to instantly try the perk. I spent the next 15min trying to figure out where my knife went.
    I swear it’s a bug, no way they let you throw knifes…once. No way. Come on, tell me it’s a bug.

    • likely a bug, though there is also cahnce it could be on purpose. ive found with the high teirs of the weapon glitch quickhack, it makes the weapon explode, thus non usuable, however it shows that it can be pick up but the mouse over never appears so cant actually pick up the weapon

  • Why isn’t there throwing knife ammo?
    That seems really odd design choice, let alone not come up in testing.

    Thanks for the warning on the perk, since its 100k to respect perks.

    • This is genuinely what I thought the perk was for, and I didn’t take it because I hadn’t seen any throwing knife weapons in the game.

      That said, my current build is very much a, uh, “loud” build, focussing on smartguns (which are fuckballs amazing).

    • I assume its a matter of dps since obviously the rarer tier knives would have more dmg and more effecient ohko take downs since its for stealth.. so low tier knives wont be as great as you progress

      So you are basically throwing away tons of grinding time and gold just for one stealth takedown.. not really a great investment.

    • You can craft them, but they’re not super disposable cheap, they’re regular weapon cost. Also, you kinda have to go hunt around for a vendor who will actually sell the schematic. 😛

  • The thrown knives do an absurd amount of damage though… So them being disposable is intentional I think.

    The only actual problem with the perk in my mind is having to open the inventory screen and manually re-equip another knife after each throw. It should just be made to automatically equip another knife if you have it in inventory.

  • Seriously, I thought the worst perk was the trashing junk perk, where you break it down into parts automatically! There’s legitimately junk that’s worth up to 600 dollars PER PIECE, but no, instantly, you disassemble it into parts without even being warned in any way about this! This is kinda why I liked AC Valhallas option to ‘buy back’ skills.

    • Are you trolling?

      If not I’m really not with you… Scrapper pretty plainly tells you what it does before you take it, and it’s even labelled a passive perk. I don’t get why you’d expect a pop-up or such to confirm when the entire point of the perk is to avoid having to manually confirm to scrap things.

      The thing I’d agree with is the lack of leniency in the game with refunding a perk point, 100k to respec is outlandish if you just want to fix the last perk point or two placed.

      • Are *you* trolling by being aggressive like that? Of course I’m not. The downside to auto disassembling is you miss out on the opportunity to sell some potentially valuable items. Junk items that are worth a substantial amount are hardly junk? Junk usually, is worthless… or so one would think? But hey, it’s fine if you don’t agree, just settle a bit 🙂

        • Wasn’t being aggressive. I tend to be blunt to a fault though sometimes, so I get it can sometimes look bad in plain text.

          When I posted I was honestly confused more than anything purely because I thought Scrapper plainly tells you what it does.

    • Haha, I consider that one the most valuable perk in the game. I pick up everything – EVERYTHING – and it just frees up so much of my time to not have to scrap it all, or surprise myself with suddenly being over-encumbered.

      It’s a genuine top-10 perk for me.

    • those are pretty rare, but that auto disasemble perk also give you xp for crafting ( its a very small amount but it helps)

      Also everyone should put one point into the cold blood skill just so you can actually level it. Speaking of does anyone know how to level up athletics? id assume through justing general sprinting and swimming, yet after 68hrs of play my athletics is only half way through lvl 3 while everything else that i use constantly is are close to the stat caps

        • Definite rebalancing of Athletics should be looked into. After 40+ hrs of sprinting everywhere and not driving, I only JUST got my athletics to 3, and a massive, massive chunk of that was thanks to levelling body enough to go to town on forcing things open. Feels like you run for literally half an uninterrupted hour for 100exp, or just open one window for 115 exp.

      • yeah i had to do some research on athletics. i was already walking everywhere instead of driving, but ive now learnt to run while jumping everywhere, or at least everywhere i am familiar with, i still walk while spamming tab everywhere new. if youre purely interested in levelling though, fists out and air punching works well… though i doubt its effective after the first few levels, since its hardly effective anyway, just the fastest of a poorly designed skill.

    • dont see the issue. 99% of junk is worth $3. that 1% thats worth $750 is barely worth mention, especially when money is so easy to come by. ive only just completed the hotel heist and im already on 60k, and thats after already paying off the 21k to viktor. that rare $750 isnt a consideration.

  • Thanks to my committophobia, I’m pretty much sitting on 11 unspent perks right now. A lot of the stuff I really want for utility is sitting in some high-ability-cost requirements, and the fact is that most of the weapon trees aren’t particularly exciting. It just changes your engagements from requiring three shotgun bursts to one, for example, which is all pretty useless if you’re stealthing around everywhere and snapping necks or non-lethally subduing (depending on the gang – Scavs get neck-snaps every time, and their skulls popped open afterwards for good measure).

    I guess those trees have to be there for some weirdos, but it seems like a bit of a waste. Much like Bethesda adding block/one/two-handed weapon trees when everyone knows that the only way to play Skyrim/Oblivion/Morrowind is as a magically-enhanced stealth-archer.

    • most of my perks have gone into crafting/quickhacks and shit related to the Cool stat. though im not exactly sneaking around and snapping necks, more so sneak around breach what i can, then let the magic…i mean netrunning commence, then shoot everything while waiting for shit to come off cooldown.

    • On the non-lethal note… I had a power sniper rifle modded for non lethal. Basically a monster .50 BMG rifle.

      I thought it was thoroughly amusing. Mainly because I still feel like some .50 cal rubber round traveling at a few thousand feet per second is still going to absolutely obliterate you AND the guy behind you.

      But sure, random lowlifes on the street that sounded like they just got headshot by a tank from 10 feet away… Just walk it off.

      • i found a level 20 sniper (when i was level 4/5 or so) on the roof up the lift next to viktors shop. it does just shy of 200dps. yet my electric non lethal baton does ~320dps and its a level i can use. the weapon system needs some tweaking.

  • Another useless perk that people think might be great is the AUTO junk scrapper, yes you will be trashing junk worth 1000 or so in game for a few uncommon scraps….. There should be a way to disable such perks, a way to just turn perks on and off at will as some are quite situational!

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