This Week In Games: A Huge Xbox Game Pass Week

This Week In Games: A Huge Xbox Game Pass Week
Image: Wattam
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Now that we’re done with the AAA rush and the madness of Cyberpunk 2077 hype, the regular cadence of New Video Games has slowed down to something slightly more manageable. And weird.

Wattam is back this week, making its debut on Steam after launching on the Epic Game Store this time last year. It’s also joined by Spellbreak, the entertaining spell-slinging battle royale that’s also making its Steam debut.

It’s mostly indie releases this week, and there’s a ton that look intriguing for all sorts of reasons. BOMJMAN is an indie shooter with a style that’d I’d describe as … weird. Just mostly weird. The cutscenes look inspired by ragefaces, for one. And Howdy, Jacob! is an FMV game that looks like a cross between a hidden pictures game and a massive acid trip. I’m not joking.

Collection of SaGa Final Fantasy Legend is hitting the Switch, for fans of the Game Boy RPGs. And Synthetik: Ultimate is out as well, for those who enjoy games like Nuclear Throne but you want deeper customisations and gunplay. 2-player co-op should be a blast, too. (This game rated extremely well on PC, but it’s only $19.95 on Switch, so that’s definitely worth checking out.)

As for the bulk of games, however, it’s Xbox Game Pass that is getting the most. Skyrim, Neoverse, CODE VEIN, Among Us, MotoGP 20, Man of Medan and Monster Train are all hitting in the next few days, and that follows on from some of the solid titles that dropped last week as well. Definitely ramping up for Christmas.

Here’s the lineup for the week:

Image: Spellbreak
  • Spellbreak | PC (Steam)
  • Synthetik Ultimate | Switch, Xbox
  • Wattam | PC (Steam) 
  • Wetware | PC 
  • Collection of SaGa Final Fantasy Legend | Switch
  • Howdy, Jacob! | PC
  • Shakes on a Plane | PC, Switch
  • Colossus Down | Xbox
  • Elemental War TD | Xbox
  • Elder Scrolls Skyrim | Xbox Game Pass (Console)
  • Among Us | Xbox Game Pass (PC)
  • Beholder: Complete Edition | Xbox Game Pass (Console)
  • CODE VEIN | Xbox Game Pass (Console)
  • The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan | Xbox Game Pass (PC)
  • Monster Train | Xbox Game Pass (Console) 
  • MotoGP 20 | Xbox Game Pass
  • Neoverse | Xbox Game Pass (Console)
  • Wilmot’s Warehouse | Xbox Game Pass

Trailer time! Not many to share this week, but rewatching Wattam‘s weirdness is always good for a smile or two.


How does a game like Howdy, Jacob! even get made? Whatever the answer is, I’m glad studios are doing weird shit regardless.

Good mix of games to round off the year. See anything you like, or getting started early on the Pile of Shame?


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