Twitch’s Top Clips Are Full Of Cyberpunk 2077 Nudity

Twitch’s Top Clips Are Full Of Cyberpunk 2077 Nudity
Image: Twitch / Pokimane
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Once the year 2077 rolls around, people apparently won’t bat an eyelash at unclothed dicks, breasts, and butts. In 2020, however, this is still very much an issue, especially on Twitch, where on-screen nudity frequently results in temporary or indefinite suspensions. But the platform does make exceptions for big games, with Cyberpunk 2077 being the latest to get a free pass to pair semi-gratuitous sex with its extremely gratuitous violence. This has resulted in a vast array of Twitch clips with hundreds of thousands of views that focus on sex and nudity.

As Vice reported last week, streamers are not getting in trouble for broadcasting sexual content in Cyberpunk 2077, even though Twitch’s rules state that “games featuring nudity, pornography, sex, or sexual violence as a core focus or feature are entirely prohibited,” and in the past, the platform has gone so far as to ban specific games that include sex and/or nudity. This is a clear double standard: Big-budget games like Cyberpunk, The Witcher 3, and Grand Theft Auto V can depict sexually explicit subjects and themes, but if smaller indie games do it — whether for pornographic purposes or as more deliberate explorations of sex, romance, queerness, etc — streamers have to go out of their way to steer clear of nudity or risk losing their channels. Many eschew taking the risk altogether. Smaller games, in turn, lose out on the potentially tremendous amount of visibility Twitch offers.

And yet, despite this effort to keep nudity off the platform, Twitch is currently overflowing with it, specifically because of Cyberpunk 2077. If you look at Cyberpunk 2077‘s clip directory, nudity is central to countless clips. I scrolled down for 30 consecutive seconds, and it was naked future flesh as far as the eye could see.

Of these risqué clips, five are among the most viewed on all of Twitch in the past seven days. Twitch’s current top clip sees unlikely superstar Félix “xQc” Lengyel express shock when he accidentally triggers a sex scene with a male character. It has nearly 450,000 views. The second-most-popular clip is of Twitch partner Kyle acting faux-offended at the game’s depiction of a “small” penis. It has almost 350,000 views. A little bit below that is Twitch star turned Mixer star turned Twitch star (again) Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek adjusting his character’s penis slider in the character creator. That clip has almost 220,000 views. A few slots below that, there’s Lengyel judging in-game images of penises. Almost 200,000 views. Beneath that, there’s a clip of Twitch star  Imane “Pokimane” Anys screaming and asking “Am I gonna get banned” after showing breasts in the character creator. That clip is nearing 130,000 views. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, with many others hovering just below the threshold of Twitch’s top 20.

Twitch told Vice that streamers are allowed to play Cyberpunk provided they “progress naturally through things like character customisation and do not spend significant periods of time focused on sexual content or nudity,” but that does not appear to have stopped streamers and viewers alike from making sexual content and nudity an outsized portion of the show. That, on its own, is not necessarily a problem; streamers can mark their broadcasts as intended for mature audiences, and many do. The problem is that Twitch doesn’t want nudity on its platform — a retrograde policy that’s caused unneeded headaches a plenty, especially for female streamers — but this is just about the clearest example possible of how money and eyeballs make those rules magically disappear.

So now we find ourselves in a grimy cyberpunk alley just spitting distance from an uncomfortable question: What was the point of all these rules in the first place? Twitch has not been irreparably ruined by the presence of a large quantity of nudity this past handful of days, and even if the company would still prefer to generally keep sexual content limited for legal and advertising reasons (or whatever else), its current not-actually-a-no-tolerance policy just cold shoulders interesting smaller games in favour of big ones that, for example, put dildos everywhere because they can.

It’s time for Twitch to reevaluate its policy, to allow more games that feature nudity on a selective basis, at the very least. Though it’s not an entirely analogous example, Valve has done this with Steam — albeit to extremely mixed results. The alternative is that every time a game like Cyberpunk comes out and streamers are allowed to frolic with their virtual genitals clipping free of clothing’s cruel restraints, everybody will hyper-fixate on that and overload the platform with clips that feature nudity. After all, it’s not just that nudity is scandalous on Twitch; it’s also novel. Allow more nudity, and you cut down on the novelty.

For now, though, the double standard remains. The ball is in Twitch’s court, but then, when hasn’t it been?


    • Yup. Games like recent Mortal Kombats, or TLOU2 (with its emphasis on more “realistic” violence) are perfectly find but GOD FORBID a nipple should enter your eyesight!

  • // This is a clear double standard //
    No, it’s not. And for the very reasons mentioned DIRECTLY prior to this moronic take…

    // Twitch’s rules state that “games featuring nudity, pornography, sex, or sexual violence as a core focus or feature are entirely prohibited,” //
    And since in like 99% of the game you never even see it, the nudity can simply not be argued to be a core feature… And no, the amount of Kotaku articles talking about it doesn’t change that either.

    But you know… Another day, another article where good old Grayson manufactures straight bullshit out of thin air.

    • hell the only time i can actually see My Male to female Trans V’s dick is when in the inventory screen and only then its when i un equip all her armour. In actual gameplay it never shows, it never even shows in photo mode or when looking in the mirror.

      Even when the rare moment come ups from a cutsceen, if my V is naked she will still be wearing underdaks. Hell i cant even look down see my V’s tits when she is in the shower.

      CDPR went out of their way to make sure you cant classify the game as even softcore porn

      • Interestingly, there’s a glitch where, if you rapidly equip and unequip your pants, the game will bug out and let you have a fully naked V visible in the game world and photo mode… it’s temperamental however and can lead to invisible pants, at which point you need to reload your recent save.

    • The human chest is not nudity, to treat female chests differently to male ones is indeed a hypocritical, illogical, sexist and pathetic double standard you moronic clueless dipshit.

      • You don’t even understand the double standard being referenced. It has, absolutely and without question, NOTHING to do with male vs female nudity.

        Try reading, you clown.

      • You’ve totally missed the point. Kasterix is saying that despite what the article author Nathan Grayson would have you believe, the amount of nudity in the game is actually very minimal, and as a result probably falls under Twitch’s community guidelines. Nothing at all about male vs female bodies, so you can take your rant about that elsewhere.

  • As always needs to be mentioned. Twitch’s open sexism in treating female bodies differently to male ones is absolutely disgusting.

    There is no difference between female and male chests as they both have nipples, they both can lactate, and they both can have fat deposits which enlarge them (depending on weight, hormones and genetics). Either they are both treated as sexual or neither of them are, there is no middle ground, to treat them differently (and prioritise the opinion of conditioned straight males over everyone else (historically breasts have not been sexual and even indigenous tribes today do not cover them or consider them sexual at all)) is sexism at its strongest, ugliest and most hypocritical.
    Ask any bi person, gay man or straight woman, male chests are just as sexual as female ones, the difference is that males traditionally haven’t been nearly as sexually objectified over the last few centuries and so their bodies have not been treated as sexual. This means that seeing bare chested males is considered normal and those attracted to males become desensitised to it very quickly. The same will happen once we start treating female bodies equally and not as sexual objects for straight males. People are people, there is no difference.

    • “Twitch’s open sexism in treating female bodies differently to male ones is absolutely disgusting”

      I don’t think its so much Twitch treating them differently, but more Twitch is responding to the fact the rest of society treats them differently…I think Twitch is just trying (and you may argue often failing) to navigate between the constant outrage from the progressives and the constant outrage from the conservatives.

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