UK Gangs Are Pulling ‘Fast & Furious’ Style Heists To Nab PS5 Consoles

UK Gangs Are Pulling ‘Fast & Furious’ Style Heists To Nab PS5 Consoles
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PS5 consoles are currently in short supply, and it’s causing some rather strange problems for our European pals. First, there were reports Amazon UK customers were having their products stolen and replaced in transit by air fryers and other items. Now, it appears thieves are taking their PS5 heist antics to the next level with several Fast & Furious-style on-road thefts being carried out on delivery vehicles across the region.

As reported by The Times, truck drivers in the UK are experiencing literal highway robberies as thieves undertake dangerous ‘rollover’ stunts to hijack luxury goods from vehicles at high speeds. These maneuvers involve three separate cars boxing in a target (normally a delivery truck or van) so a thief can exit their moving vehicle, cross to the target and cut a hole in the roof (or pry the doors open) with a power tool.

Once they’re inside the van, they’ll take whatever goods are inside and pass it out to the vehicles on either side. The car in front distracts the driver and ensures it can’t escape.

If you’ve ever seen any of the Fast & Furious movies, you’ll likely be familiar with this stunt.

The heist has been pulled off at least 27 times, according to The Times, with hundreds of luxury goods, including PS5 consoles, being stolen in recent weeks.

They’re often minimal security on delivery vehicles so they make easy targets for criminal gangs. Drivers are easily distracted on the road and the goods they carry can be worth thousands of dollars.

The Times reported that there may also be some collusion involved, since the thieves need to know the exact transport route of vans to perform the manoeuvre, as well as know what goods they carry.

If you haven’t managed to nab a PS5 just yet, please don’t try this for yourself. The danger and skill involved is much too high, and a PS5 isn’t worth risking your life for. Also, don’t steal things. Please.

You can stay tuned to the Kotaku Australia ‘Where to Buy a PS5’ guide, though. We’ll be updating that with new links as they go live.


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