What’s Your Most Disappointing Game Of The Year?

What’s Your Most Disappointing Game Of The Year?

It’s been a pretty good year on the whole for video games — new consoles certainly help — but that doesn’t mean there haven’t been one or two letdowns over the course of the year.

Generally though, and especially compared to 2019 where the lowlights almost stood out more than the highlights, 2020 has been pretty good. There’s no quarter you can point to that didn’t have at least a handful of pretty decent titles.

That’s across the board too: whereas AAA titles have been a bit of a letdown for the last couple of years, this year most of them nailed the landing.

So it’ll be interesting to see people’s picks for most disappointing game of the year. As with previous years, there isn’t an annotated list below. You’ll have a single question, and you just have to enter in the name of the game you want to nominate. We’ll tally up the results on our end, and announce the winners after Christmas.

I’m expecting a few votes to flood in for The Last of Us 2 and Cyberpunk, similar to what happened with Red Dead Redemption 2 a couple of years back. Those big games always get some form of divisive backlash that ends out being borne in polls like these. But there’s also games like Warcraft 3: Reforged, which is still in a pretty rough state the last time I checked.

It’s a bit of a stretch from there, though. I was disappointed by the lack of better autoaim for the Switch port of Jedi Academy — those first five levels without force powers are brutal to play through with JoyCons. Disintegration came and went literally within months.

Maybe the biggest disappointment was the impact of scalpers and bots trying to buy a PS5/Xbox Series X/RTX 3080/RTX 3070/a Switch for most of the year. Who knows! It’s your vote, so put in whatever you’d like.


  • As much as CP2077 is a mess, WC Reforged was and remains an unplayable train wreck that will never be fixed by Blizzard. Definitely deserves top spot.

    • It’s such a slam-dunk. The difference between expectation and result is just this impassable fucking chasm. And there was just… no reason for it. At all. They weren’t crunching to meet a Christmas holiday sales period, they had every reason to invest more in it after the dings to their reputation of Immortals, Blitzchung, and the failures of BfA… And we were shown clearly how a lovingly-restored remake via C&C is achievable, even when dealing with giant gaps in the source material. It should have been an amazing revitalisation, a love-letter to one of the publisher’s most popular titles of all time… and then not only did it come out as shitty as it did, but it also somehow retroactively managed to make old copies shitty as well. Its shittiness was an AoE attack that somehow managed to fuck up beyond itself as a title. That’s… impressively awful.

      • So impressively awful that it killed the competitive scene by virtue of the defeat bug and they replaced the old, working version of the game in the launcher with this broken, inconsistent mess that wasn’t even stable enough to be streamed. So not only did they release a steaming, festering pile of garbage, they killed the original working game for it which means the players are now in the Smash Melee position of having to use the now “unofficial” and modded old version just to host their tournaments. I think this is the very first time I’ve heard of a game screwing up so badly that it killed its own competitive scene through making the new game client simply not work at all and then never fixing it (multiplayer is still screwed last I saw). It’s really hard to beat for being terrible.

    • If I recall correctly, Reforged was so bad, it retroactively ruined the base game.
      The new release meant that you couldn’t do custom maps* in the original, and also shadows were disabled or something. I can’t remember the exact details, but it was the biggest fuckup at the time and it made me hope that they DIDN’T “reforge” Diablo 2.

      *I think custom maps in Reforged (and so now the original) had to be vetted by Blizzard first or something. The exact details I’m not sure about.

      • Yep. You’re completely right. In addition to this, Blizzard would take “ownership” of all IP of any custom games made with their editor after they lost Dota to Valve as the cherry on top of their broken mess of a game. That in turn completely killed all interest in people even making custom maps.

        It was such a bad screw up that it honestly made me think the time was ripe for a reverse engineer of their engine for an open source version or even for some dedicated developer to make a clone of the game. There’s definitely a market for it.

    • I am torn between CP2077 and FFVII.

      I never played the original FFVII but loved the animated movies and I did play through the PSP prequal. I was hyped to play a flashy, upgraded version (knowing it was only one part) but pretty graphics aside, I found it such an unpleasant drag by the end. I ended up hate finishing it, just powering through so I could out it away. Once the credits rolled, I uninstalled it. Also, Aerith was the worst. I was actually hoping Seph stabbed her by the end of (Part 1) of the game.

      By contrast, CP2077 has left me with just apathy towards it.

  • Without question it’s Battletoads for me. I was so hype when that game was first announced- finally we are getting a new Battletoads game! Then they revealed it and…uhhh…it was bad, and it didn’t get any better before release. The remixed music was cool, but the rest, from the awful art style to the boring gameplay missed the mark big time. It’s as if the designers never played the original games and understood why they are considered such classics. Battletoads deserved much better than that.

  • I generally have no interest in a lot of AAA titles so I tend to avoid the common disappointments, though I guess them failing to get me interested is a disappointment in itself. Cyberpunk 2077 is obviously a big objective disappointment, not just in the delivered game but also in how the PR was handled. Subjectively Nioh 2 disappointed me most because I was expecting it to be a better experience than it was though that’s mostly my fault for not listening to the inner voice that told me I wasn’t going to enjoy it.

    In terms of events, the two most disappointing things this year have been:
    – Epic continuing to be scumbags and deliberately antagonising Apple then playing victim because they wanted more money.
    – Sony continuing to show their complete and utter lack of UX design ability and making their web storefront completely and utterly unusable and lacking any basic features.

    • *subjective

      Fixed that for you. You really have to learn the difference between subjective and objective if you’re going to be using them both.

      • I dunno mate, the photosensitive 15% of America’s population who were misled about the strobe lights and broken strobing textures in the game probably felt it was an objective disappointment given there was no mention of it in 99% of the advertising until a reviewer had a seizure.

          • Nobody apart from CDPR included an IRL headset that causes seizures as a “prop” for one of their so called main gameplay mechanics. Probably because they aren’t as stupid as CDPR.

      • When a game is so broken that it is pulled from stores, and blanket refunds are offered, it is no longer ‘subjective’.

    • Amen to that regarding Sony’s UI and UX. It never ceases to amaze me how they do some things so well, yet consistently absolutely shit the bed with UI/UX.. It’s amazing that they were able to stuff up the PSN store so badly…

  • I probably play 4-5 games a year so I’m pretty picky. In saying that, all the games I played were varying degrees of great.
    Judgement and Nier Automata finally finished (backlog), FF7: Remake (whispers sucked but great game and Sephiroth retcon was ballsy af).
    Trials of Mana was an absolute delight after the misery that was TLOU2 (technically great but inconsistent themes bothered me and overstayed it’s welcome a tad.)
    The other game I played was 13 Sentinels which I adored. Now finishing off the year with Yakuza: Like a Dragon which may even be one of my favourite games of all time.

  • For me, it was Watch Dogs Legion.
    It was a game that held so much promise and failed to hit it for me.
    And then, to top it off, at least three of the trophies didn’t pop because “I didn’t use the same character to do it all”. Sod off.

    I traded it in for Cyberpunk. Let’s see how that pans out.

    • I enjoyed WDL as a game, but it wasn’t ground breaking so I finished playing it and nothing about the game really stuck with me. It was delayed nearly a year and it felt Lesser to Watch Dogs 2. (no racing, no multiplayer,no character development, no terrain variety)

      Despite all the characters on the team, it was mostly Spiderbot the game. After a year delayed it felt anaemic, a thin game.

      The 3 weeks of save game corruption issues on PC also was a huge black mark that I gave it one month before I asked for a full refund. I feel that game will stop me from Day 1 purchasing ubisoft games, I lost confidence in them now… they should of done better after the delay.

      • *should have

        Also, I played both Watch Dogs last year, since when was there character development in 2? lol. Really looking forward to playing Legion myself someday.

  • Last of Us 2. How can it be any other game.
    Horrible story, character destruction, hypocritical character stupidity, often embarrassing writing, stupidly long, pathetically transparent emotional manipulation, juvenile obsession with violence by Druckmann and Co when much better stories were an option.
    Frankly it was and embarrassment.

    • The only embarrassment is your cluelessly toxic bandwagon-jumping written diarrhoea of a comment. I think you need professional help.

      • No, the embarrassment is you thinking that any criticism of TLOU2 is nothing more than jumping on a bandwagon, rather than being legitimate criticism of what many people have quite rightfully and logically argued that it’s an incongruous and blatantly manipulative mess.

        Actually, the *real* embarrassment is you declaring that your opinion is the only valid one in pretty much every single comment you’ve made on this article.

        • Spot on. Ody is just a close minded piece of shit – period. As you pointed out, he demonstrates he is the one with the penchant for written diarrhea every time he posts and yet the irony of Ody commenting on someone else’s opinion of TLOU2 when just a few posts above, he is once again taking someone to task who doesn’t agree with his little shallow world when he said:

          Fixed that for you. You really have to learn the difference between subjective and objective if you’re going to be using them both.”

          And for me, yup the greatest disappointment for me was TLOU2. It would have been an ok game on its own but the problem was that TLOU1 was such a beautifully written game, you could see what glaring mistakes Naughty Dog made with TLOU2 to make it such a disappointment. Killing Joel was such a gutless way for Naughty Dog to “Subvert expectations” as they called it. Then to finish 2020 with a laugh, the video game awards looked for woke points instead of recognising an actual video game of the year. Every other title in contention deserved it more then TLOU2, but no, in this day and age where one must agree with Liberals if you want to keep your job, people want those woke points like it means something. I guess it does in their echo chamber.

          Another game that was a disappointment for me was Doom Eternal. Again same problem as TLOU2 in that of its own, DE was fun but DOOM 2016 was so damn good, it made DE’s failings stand out good and hard.

          • See, I have to disagree about Doom Eternal. I’ve not really seen any complaints about the game that I think are particularly valid from people who declare Doom 2016 was better. I simply cannot find a viewpoint from which that is valid.
            Doom 2016 was “Doom: The Super Shotgun Show”, whereby pretty much every problem was solvable with that weapon. It’s a great game, don’t get me wrong, and I will still heartily recommend it. But Doom Eternal spanks it five ways to Sunday in pretty much every department. The gameplay loop demands real target prioritisation, planning your moves both tactically and strategically, and managing the limited resources of your ammo and cooldowns in a precise dance that is so amazingly damn tuned it’s just spectacular. Even those platform sections that people love to whinge about are a well designed break from breakneck action, and they don’t punish you with instant death as they did in Doom 2016.
            Anyone who has ever even remotely praised the design of any of the Souls games has not a single leg to stand on when declaring Doom 2016 a better game than Eternal.
            Doom 2016 is a great game. But Eternal is better.

  • I love games, even the janky and imperfect, and my ‘best games of 2020’ list is at least fifty long, and I have to fight the urge not to include the two dozen games that I feel are probably worth but I haven’t even played.
    Buuuuuut… I did get a little let down by some titles, to varying degrees.

    Disappointments for the year:

    WC3 Reforged: Obvious. This is the most impressive to me, because while every other disappointing game at its worst was just a bad game in itself, reforged managed to make ANOTHER game (its earlier version) bad as well as being bad itself, which is just… staggering.

    TLOU2: Not just the game itself which I only experienced through Let’s Play, but the discourse. Fuck that was foul. Still is, to an extent. Lots of very skippable moments in this, and it labours the point more than it needs to. Just… a really disappointingly unpleasant experience and not in the positive way that was probably intended. Especially the meta.

    Dreams: The limitations shone through quickly, and the Tragedy of the Commons paired with Sturgeon’s Law for immediate and devastating effect to discoverability. Even the best examples currently created (once hunted and found) feel held back, like they’re all great proofs of concept for real games. Dreams might as well have just been Unity Lite.

    One Punch Man: Look, I love this game. I really do. It neatly dodges the problem of having a game in which the Deus ex Machina can end all danger immediately, and does something engaging with it… but so much of what it tried fell flat, and I’m not a huge fan of the fighting mechanics either. Controls and UI/mechanics limitations just bugged me too much to enjoy as much as I hoped I would.

    Doom Eternal: The pacing was off, the gun ballet wasn’t as empowering as 2016’s, and I lost momentum too often… I watched the rest of this on youtube.

    Persona 5 Royal: The most disappointing thing about this was that it was a full box price game with no discount for anyone who wanted to upgrade from the original full box price game from literally only the other year. It feels like it should’ve just been DLC or an expansion, but it asked too much for what it offered. Do I really have to do it all again? Fine. Sometime next year maybe.

    Cloudpunk: Another qualifier: This is a must-play. It is fantastic. But from early video previews I expected a lot more freedom, for the storytelling to be more deft, for the main character to be more likeable or relateable. I expected an engrossing endgame, which there isn’t. It’s still good, but it didn’t set my world on fire the way I expected.

    The Wonderful 101: Remastered: There’s a cool concept there, cutecutecute art, and it’s delivered in some amusing popcorny style, but man it’s annoying to control. In the end, that was too much work to get used to and I didn’t.

    Maneater: Again, love it. Entertaining power fantasy. But it could’ve been so much better. And it thinks it’s a lot funnier than it is. Even some minor QoL improvements improving player freedoms and choice would probably see me return to it.

    Disintegration: Wow. I was expecting a lot more from the folks who broke away from Bungie to do something ‘better’. I wasn’t expecting a LOT, but I wasn’t expecting it to fall THAT flat. One saving grace is that even though they shut down the multiplayer servers, at least the thing is playable single-player.

    Hellpoint: Cosmic horror fusion of Deadspace with Dark Souls? Sign me up! Then play the demo and sign me out, because it handles poorly and is sorely in need of some polish and rebalancing. Oh, I was looking forward to this one for what felt like years, too. In a soulslike, that combat really is everything. It just needed to be tighter, cleaner, more responsive, clearer.

    Mortal Shell: See above, frankly. Better than Hellpoint, with more interesting ideas and much prettier, it was still a little loose and light in its combat, which it just can’t be. Hellpoint and Mortal Shell both have enjoyable exploration, though. Mortal Shell does it better.

    Windbound: Sigh. I dunno, I just was expecting something different to what it was, I guess. Probably my fault. Their primary focus really does seem to be on mastering that vessel navigation above all else.

    Marvel’s Avengers: When hitting enemies with Mjolnir looks like you’re using a wiffle-bat, that’s a serious case of ‘videogamification’ for the worse. Same kinda problem the worst star wars games have with lightsabers that are less effective than ten minutes work with a machinegun. The monetization and online co-op live service bullshit left a foul taste, too.

    Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning: Or, ‘how not to do a remaster’. They basically made it not quite as good as the original Amalur+community mods. I was expecting a LOT more. Especially after the fancy cinematic. Amalur’s still good, but that was a huge missed opportunity.

    Hades: Clearly there is something wrong with me, I’ve been bouncing off everyone else’s indie darling GOTY multiple times. I just cannot dig it. After I’m done with Cyberpunk I might give it another go, see if what’s required to enjoy it ‘clicks’.

    Star Wars: Squadrons: I am the first to admit this is super unfair of me. Frankly, it’s a miracle it got made. There’s no way they had the budget or remit to do TIE Fighter: The Remake. It’s… it’s fine. It’s very starwarsy. It just felt so limited. I hope my dollars to it are a vote of confidence allowing them to go again but go bigger, go harder.

    Werewolf: Heart of the Forest: This was significantly shorter than I expected or wanted. It really was more of a taster intro to WoD’s WtA setting. But it started so strong and if the entire game had been the prologue to a deeper, longer game, I’d have a new GOTY. It’s good though, and worth a play for anyone thinking about the upcoming Werewolf action game.

    Watch Dogs Legion: Pretty much what everyone says about it. I’ve talked about its failings plenty. It’s fine… it’s not great. It doesn’t make the best use of any of the potential it had.

    Godfall: One of the only PS5-optimized launch titles and no-one’s said shit about it, which is about what I expected (aggressively mediocre game), but there’s a kernel of disappointment that it didn’t leap out from behind expectations to yell, “HAHA, I’m actually REALLY GOOD!” and surprise everyone.

    Empire of Sin: It’s still decent, but there’s a lot of UI jank, a lot of systems need rebalancing, and some that straight-up just don’t work and are more hassle than they’re worth. Pacing and strategy options are all out of whack, but it is very pretty and it does have some fun management/combat moments.

    • That list was extensive, we have short memories of what crashed and burned this year…would be interesting to see what those games Reviewed Scored, How Low they Review Bombed, and what they settled at… and if any of them actually improved in the months after release.

      Like No Man Sky ended up with a Games Award after being the most disappointing and hated games years ago.

      • I guess it might seem extensive but I played SO MANY great games this year that this list is utterly dwarfed by the list of games I think made 2020 a better place and some of them would probably feature on both lists, like Werewolf, Maneater, and Mortal Shell.

        Disappointment’s really just about expectations and it’s pretty amazing that only that many could disappoint and often in relatively minor ways! 😀

    • Proving just how toxic and clueless you are like always. Your endless rambling walls of low-IQ text on just about every single article prove not only that you clearly have far too much time on your hands but also that nobody in your life can stand to listen to your crap so it’s your only outlet. Here’s a tip, find something else to do with your time because gaming clearly isn’t the right fit for you.

      • Maybe you should take your own advice. Your comments here have been the pinnacle of toxicity, and this comment would be a much better section without your odious “contributions”.

      • But aren’t you the same genius who seems to think that CP2077 is a masterpiece when it failed basic accessibility checks before release? Mate, I think you need to stop projecting yourself onto others and get a life. Gaming is a hobby of varying quality moments, whereas harassing people in the comments because they didn’t like a game is indicative of far larger personal problems.

      • Uh bro are you ok? Like what do you hope to achieve by starting these arguments? Someone needs to take you out for a beer or something

      • Is Ody self reflecting when he says “Proving just how toxic and clueless you are like always. Your endless rambling walls of low-IQ text on just about every single article prove not only that you clearly have far too much time on your hands but also that nobody in your life can stand to listen to your crap so it’s your only outlet” because this pretty much perfectly summarizes the pathetic existence that is Ody. Can I get a price check on a ban hammer for Ody already please?

    • I can agree with a bunch of your commentary, however, I would differ on a few points.
      1. Doom Eternal.
      There is no world in which I can understand how people think this is a step down from 2016. 2016 had the “single dominant strategy” problem in spades. The super shotgun was pretty much everyone’s favourite weapon and it could pretty much be used to defeat the majority of the game once you had it.
      Eternal takes that single dominant strategy and beats you about the head with it and tells you that you actually need to become the Doom Slayer, rather than living the fantasy of being an unstoppable deity of death without earning it.
      I maintain the only weakness of the game is that it sometimes fails at teaching the players the “right” lessons with its gameplay – but I would happily argue that the souls games do exactly the same thing in their regular levels, despite almost always getting it right during boss fights.
      Everyone I know who said they didn’t like Eternal didn’t like it because they were trying to play it like 2016, and that’s NOT the way the game is designed.

      2. Mortal Shell
      I’m sorry, but I think this one is not the failings of the developers, but the failings of the unreasonable expectations that people placed on the developers and the game when they heard “OMG DARK SOULS CLONE”. It looked the part, and people overhyped themselves for the game. I honestly think the negative reviews of this are the fault of the people who expected it to be an all-singing all-dancing masterpiece.

      • “Wow, was there any games this year you actually liked?”
        Probably hundreds, dude. Hundreds. 😀 Different page for that, though. Even some of the things on the list of disappointments I really enjoyed. It’s frankly amazing that I felt this little disappointment considering how much I played in the year. Remembering this isn’t a list of bad games, just letdowns (including minor). You can love the shit out of something and still be a little disappointed by it.

        …Though that doesn’t extend to Hades. Everyone’s raved about that for the better part of a year, but I’ve bounced off it the last couple times I tried. Randomness isn’t my bag. Probably need to get more upgrades under my belt. The disappointment there is really not seeing what everyone else is apparently seeing.

  • There were games released this year????
    Seems all to many were based on DLC money farming grabs, so no conplete games were released.at all.

    • I guess it would seem that way if you were completely clueless and didn’t pay even the minimum attention to the games released this year at all. Are you a mobile phone only gamer?

  • I’d like to call 2020 the year that pretty well much every game was somehow much more disappointing than the hype, and in many instances, massively so.

    Is that a symptom of marketing, expectations for ‘new’ experiences, or just shitty games being made this year.

    Outside the obvious disasters such as Warcraft & Cyberpunk, Pokemon is probably it for me. There’s no reason for such a simple series to be such a shallow mess of a game in 2020.

    • I feel like every pokemon since Gen 5 has been a test to see how little effort they can get away with putting in to a game and still have the fans eating it up.

      Sw/Sh was the biggest test cause they were just like “What if pokemon but less” and most fans were like “Its the best one yet, also I want it to be as on rails as possible and I need a fake rival following constantly giving me praise”

  • Cyberpunk is anything but a disaster for me (but then again, I got it on PC and I’ve got a decent rig. I feel for those who tried to play it on a baseline PS4/Xbone) so it would be a toss up between a game I didn’t play before I refunded it, and one that I got bored of after a day or two of trying.

    Which would be WarCraft 3 Reforged, which I pre-emptively got a refund for when I heard from everyone and their dog about how terrible it was, and Genshin Impact. I’d have to say Genshin Impact, despite my not having spent any money on it, is definitely the worst game that I actually played this last year. I know folks that got hooked on it and kept on going, but I found it incredibly boring, and uninspiring.

  • I think Cyberpunk is my biggest disappointment because it’s the first day one game I’ve bought in 15+ years and I haven’t even put it in my One S yet because I’ve been put off by all the bad reviews.

    I am convinced it will be my favourite game of next year though, either when it gets the promised last gen patches or when I get a Series X!

  • I only play a couple of games this year which were actually released this year, I don’t have much time and I usually wait 6+months anyway for patches and DLC. So for me my disappointing game I played this year was Batman Arkham Knight, I loved Asylum and City, but something just felt so wrong and empty about Knight. I straight up didn’t really enjoy playing it and it was incredibly disappointing.

    • To slightly paraphrase other comments on the thread.

      I guess it would seem that way if you were completely clueless and didn’t pay even the minimum attention to the games released this year at all.

      Proving just how toxic and clueless you are like always. Your endless rambling walls of low-IQ text on just about every single article prove not only that you clearly have far too much time on your hands but also that nobody in your life can stand to listen to your crap so it’s your only outlet. Here’s a tip, find something else to do with your time because gaming clearly isn’t the right fit for you.

      I’d like to thank the original commenter, you, for those gems I could joyfully recycle.

    • *I only played a couple of games this year which were actually released this year; I don’t have much time and I usually wait 6+months anyway for patches and DLC. So for me, my disappointing game I played this year was Batman Arkham Knight. I loved Asylum and City, but something just felt so wrong and empty about Knight. I straight up didn’t really enjoy playing it and it was incredibly disappointing.

    • For someone who admits to having virtually no fucking experience with games released in 2020 you sure have a shitton of uninformed opinions about them.

  • Avengers. I’m one of the wierd few who actually enjoyed that game for what it was but damn, It could have easily been so much better.

    It’s like they had an open goal and instead of smashing the ball through, they decided to roll it along the ground. It’s still rolling…

  • Cyberpunk for me. I played it on a decent PC. Completed it and liked the experience.
    So why disappointed?
    Because you kept seeing moments where you got to see what the game could of been

    • Yeah, I was disappointed by Cyberpunk but I still loved it.

      It just feels like a really good version of an Ubisoft game rather than the living breathing world that was promised.

  • Going based on the title – most disappointing, which doesn’t necessarily mean WORST game – it’s got to be Star Wars Squadrons and Watch Dogs Legion for me.

    Star Wars Squadrons on PC sounded like a dream come true – HOTAS! VR! Cockpit only! – but the absolute shit-show launch ruined all the excitement reeeeally fast. The game appeared to have been developed for VR by people that have had VR described to them in passing by a 3 year old. VR has learned a lot of lessons in the last 6+ years and it’s always embarrassing when developers stick their head in the sand and ignore what’s going on in the industry. It gradually got fixed to a degree, but wasn’t even playable smoothly on PC for a month, and VR performance is still incredibly sub standard. On the bright side – I bought a decent HOTAS for it, and got in to Elite Dangerous which is GREAT.

    Watch Dogs Legions sounds like a great idea on paper but there’s some really big issues with it. The first is the location – turns out, London is a pretty boring place geographically. It probably sounded good in the boardroom pitch but in practice it’s a mostly flat and monotonous world to explore. It was boring in ‘The Getaway’ on PS2 and it’s not much better here. The second issues is the SUPER BAD voice acting. Invariably, you’d go to the trouble of recruiting some mean looking hitman dude, or a super-fashionable lawyer, or a nutjob beekeeper and you’re thinking, ok, here’s a character I can get behind – and then they open their mouth and start talking. They all sounded like complete morons, with very bad accents and terrible delivery. Any emotional stakes the game tried to raise were always pushed away by the protagonist’s bizarre reactions. It felt like they’d been making the game for years, got to the last week of development before release, and then someone pointed out ‘oh crap, we haven’t organised any voice acting for this thing yet’. And then quickly gathered whoever was around on the day to deliver some lines in to a webcam.

  • CP2077 – I am running a 1060 and a core I7 processor – even updating to 1.5 the game is still unplayable for me. I load in, play for 2 mins of the prologue and then hard crash every time.

    Very disappointing – I was really excited about getting lost in this world over my Christmas break.

    Also I played FF7 remake without having played the first and thought all the positive praise it got was laughable. Without the nostalgia goggles the game is overstuffed with filler and uninspiring characters.

  • Cyberpunk, no contest. I finished the game on the weekend, and the problem it has can’t be fixed by patches.

    The main story is really thin and dull. I didn’t hate Johnny Silverhand as much as a lot of people seem to (Reeves is definitely not a great voice actor but you can tell he’s trying his heart out here) it’s the rest of it that really fails to hold up, I think. The game puts all the good content in optional sidequests, and if you stuck to the story you’d miss huge amounts of content for characters that only briefly show up in the main quest.

    Outside of that, the game is… well it’s what William Gibson said it was two years ago… Grand Theft Auto with a 1980s retro-future skin. He figured that out from the E3 2018 trailer, and we all should have listened. It even has that same idiot surface-level parody that GTA games have, and it feels as annoying here as it did there.

    I think some of the issues go back to the source material the game is based on. I went over my Cyberpunk 2020 sourcebooks on the weekend and, uh, sorry to say but… they’re just not very good. They’re very obviously written as quick cash-ins on a genre that was popular for a brief time in the late 1980s and that’s it. There’s no real attempt at making meaningful cyberpunk fiction in there because the game has to be left open to interpretation by GMs. That’s not to mention the utterly tedious mechanical aspects of the game that, thankfully, CDPR saw fit to mostly throw out for 2077.

    Ultimately, the worst part of Cyberpunk is that it could have been so much more and it isn’t. The aesthetic is fantastic, and driving around the world listening to Radio Samizdat feels amazing. It’s just a shame they forgot to put a game in there with it.

  • for me the winner is World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. I know there was worse but this affected me more. From the absolute snoozefest that is the Maw to the massive issues with scaling in Battle for Azeroth content (seriously, how can i, as a level 60 and one expansion higher, struggle to kill a BFA 50 but i can drop a shadowlands 57 in 2 hits?)
    it was a major disappointment ans this is from a 12 year wow player

  • Only games I’ve really delved into this year has been Wasteland3 and CP2077, I have played other games but their from my library of older pre-2020 games.

    Both WL3 and CP2077 had equally disappointing aspects, WL3 had a shallow story IMO (get my naughty kids, pick A or B ending) , CP2077 had lots of missing or broken features and bugs…

  • Godfall. I foolishly expected a next gen Destiny type experience and instead was offered a half baked hollow offering of a game that was so busy showing how “shiny” everything was that it forgot to be you know…. Fun.

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