Who’s The Strongest Video Game Character?

Who’s The Strongest Video Game Character?
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If all the video game characters ever created got together in a big rumble, who’d come out on top? Kratos, the one who took down the gods of Olympus? What about Asura who fought off a deity the size of a planet? What about the ancients who wore Majora’s Mask and caused so much havoc, it was sealed away? Would that make the Happy Mask Salesmen even more powerful? Can Mario, who crushes enemies with his weight and change into almost any form, fight off the planet killer, Sephiroth? Would any of these characters give Saitama, Mr. One-Punch Man, a challenge? Can I really write a forum article in which every sentence is a question?

In all seriousness, by strongest, I don’t just mean raw physical strength. It could be a special weapon a character wields, a unique ability no other character can match, or just damn good tactics.

So Kotaku, if all the characters in every video game got together for a big battle royale, who would win?


  • I’m sure there’s someone bigger than Sephiroth but he’s all I can think about. In universe if taken literally, he can summon a blast powerful enough to explode the sun. In the SSBU universe he singlehandedly killed an entity that was capable of resetting the entire universe.
    Of course, Cloud has beaten him.

    An old internet meme goes that Kirby is the strongest of all. It might not be wrong.

  • to behonest, i gotta say Doom Guy he took on the entire forces of Hell not once not twice, but three times (Doom 1, 2 and Final Doom) all by himself and that was before he landed on Sentinal Prime and was given the powers that turned him into The Slayer.
    The best the forces of hell could do was drop a fucking building on him to stun him long enough to contain him in a coffin.

    As a mere mortal Doom Guy was too angry to die

  • Too hard to tell cause in some games, stats matter, while in other games, they don’t matter

    Some characters run around with incredible gear and omni potent powers, and do little with it

    Some characters jump on stuff or shoot lemons, and amount to sheer decades of achievements

    But if it was a straight out brawl, maybe that large horned demon guy from Dungeon Keeper 2, cause the guy doesn’t even have a life bar? Or the dog from Stardew Valley for the same reason

  • William Blazkowicz in New Order and The New Collosus, especially the latter, if you’ve played it you’ll know the event I’m talking about, noone else in video games is strong enough to survive that!!

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