505 Games Announces Puzzle Quest 3, Coming Out This Year

505 Games Announces Puzzle Quest 3, Coming Out This Year
Don't give me hope. (Illustration: 505 Games)

Earlier this month, publisher 505 Games acquired Infinity Plus Two, the Australian studio that created the hybrid match-three/RPG series Puzzle Quest. This morning 505 Games announced Puzzle Quest 3, a free-to-play sequel that takes place 500 years after the original.

A direct follow-up to 2007 surprise hit Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, Puzzle Quest 3 will once more see players travelling across the world of Etheria, competing in 1-on-1 battles against fantasy creatures by combining gems to harvest resources, used to cast powerful spells and abilities. The official announcement mentions a “3D game world,” which is new to the series, as well as some sort of gameplay twist that is not explained. I suppose we’ll find out more as we get closer to the initial mobile and PC release. Here’s a teaser trailer.

As one of the original game’s biggest, most passionate fans, I am very cautiously excited as hell. I worry about what the switch to free-to-play means. What will the monetisation look like? Collectible characters? Purchasable power-ups? I shudder to think. On the other hand, it’s a numbered sequel and not another free-to-play licensed spin-off like Marvel Puzzle Quest, and it’s being developed by the original studio, so I have hope.


  • “505 Games Announces Puzzle Quest 3, Coming Out This Year”
    “…a free-to-play sequel…”

  • We’ve had approximately 400,000 free to play puzzle quest sequels and they’re not great.
    Puzzle Quest 2 was fine. Galactrix was ok, I guess. Eleventy free to play versions with skins are good enough for what they are.

    But come on… Give us Challenge of the Warlords, but updated. I’ll pay you real human money for it. Quite a bit of it.

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