A Cancelled 2006 Tomb Raider Game Is Now Playable

A Cancelled 2006 Tomb Raider Game Is Now Playable

Back in 2006, Core Design, the original studio behind the Tomb Raider series, was working on a 10th-anniversary remake of the first game for PSP. While a lot of progress was made, the game was eventually cancelled. Now, that original PSP game has resurfaced and is playable, PC Gamer reports.

On December 31, Tomb Raider fansite Tomb of Ash uploaded what it says are the PSP remake assets to the Internet Archive. The assets include multiple levels, complete with puzzles and platforms. If you follow Tomb of Ash’s instructions, you’ll be able to play the unreleased 2006 PSP Tomb Raider remake.

Following a few disappointing Tomb Raider games in the early 2000s, Core Design began developing PSP games but still wanted to celebrate Lara and the Tomb Raider franchise in time for the 10th anniversary. The studio pitched and eventually got the green light to start working on a PSP remake of the original game. News of this remake leaked in 2006 via an internal video that ended up online.

Shortly after the leak, the game was cancelled. Instead, publisher Sci Entertainment went with a multiplatform remake developed by Crystal Dynamics. That game, Tomb Raider Anniversary, released in 2007, while Core Design shut down in 2010 after being bought by Rebellion and releasing stuff like Rogue Warrior.

Unlike Crystal Dynamics’ remake, this PSP take by Core is closer to the classic, original game, complete with clunky jumping and moving. Interestingly, Tomb of Ash claims that Core was in the process of flipping the remake into an Indiana Jones game.


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