A ‘Cum Dungeon’ Offers The Fastest XP Farming In Bloodborne

A ‘Cum Dungeon’ Offers The Fastest XP Farming In Bloodborne
Things get hot in the Cum Dungeon. (Screenshot: From Software / Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Like most Souls games, Bloodborne can be pretty challenging. But hardcore players know there’s one place anyone can go to quickly gather the resources necessary for power-levelling, a magical playground simply known as the “Cum Dungeon.”

All players need to do after entering the so-called Cum Dungeon is step out of the beginning area, wait for an off-screen enemy to succumb to an environmental hazard, teleport back to the start of the dungeon to reset the unfortunate baddie, and repeat. This super-easy loop nets 83,489 blood echoes (Bloodborne’s version of the souls currency) for every rotation, a sizable chunk of change that can then be put toward levelling up, improving gear, and buying items.

The Cum Dungeon is one of several chalice dungeons, a vast series of underground mazes that, over the last few years, have represented the final frontier of Bloodborne exploration. Chalice dungeons are in no way necessary to beat or even enjoy the game, but they nevertheless hide riches for players willing to do some digging. There are over 2,300 chalice dungeons, all of which have unique “glyphs,” or simple codes that players can share to let fellow Hunters explore the same spaces. That’s where this dungeon gets its simultaneously humorous and unfortunate moniker, as the code to conjure it up is “cummmfpk”.

Bloodborne experts have also figured out how to tweak dungeons via save editing, allowing for the finding of high-level gear before making requisite progress in the story, and even populating them with unused bosses. Despite these circumstances, player-altered chalice dungeons — some of which are known colloquially as “false-depth” dungeons because they include fantastic loot and stronger enemies normally found in more dangerous, end-game areas — can be accessed by anyone without any kind of modding or save manipulation, should you know the requisite glyph.

Unsurprisingly, the Cum Dungeon is one such false-depth dungeon. Created last summer by a moderator on r/TombProspectors, a subreddit dedicated to exploring and cataloguing Bloodborne’s chalice dungeons, it’s the perfect place to accumulate blood echoes if you’re having a difficult time progressing past one of Bloodborne’s many frustrating bosses.

Chalice dungeons are just one small part of Bloodborne, but they continue to provide players with cool new scenarios to explore and document almost six years after the game arrived on PlayStation 4. While the Cum Dungeon may just seem like another shortcut, it’s really the culmination of efforts by both the developers at From Software and a dedicated community to make the game as engaging as possible. And let’s be honest, how many opportunities do you get to visit a Cum Dungeon these days? I’ll take my answer off the air, thank you.


    • Ok, I own Bloodborne, but I’m crap at “souls likes”, So I’ve not gotten far.
      Also noting how much Bloodborne seems to be about bodily fluids, I genuinely thought there was a damn Cum dungeon. We’re not friends any more Ian.

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