A Perth ISP Is Bringing Geforce Now To Australia

A Perth ISP Is Bringing Geforce Now To Australia
Image: Nvidia

Australia’s finally getting another cloud gaming service — and this time it’s the one that people seem to actually rate. GeForce Now, Nvidia’s cloud-powered gaming service that leverages your existing Steam library, is coming to Australia.

In a short press release, Nvidia announced that Australia would be added to the GeForce Now network courtesy of Pentanet, a Perth-based NBN and fixed wireless ISP.

There’s no official details yet on precisely when GeForce Now will be available, nor what the experience will be like for the majority of Australians living on the east coast away from Pentanet’s main subscriber base.

nvidia geforce now
Image: Nvidia

However, the official release indicates that Pentanet will be offering GeForce Now Australia-wide:

Founded by a group of avid gamers, Pentanet has built Perth, Australia’s largest and fastest-growing fixed wireless network, delivering high-bandwidth internet services to the Perth metro area as well as fiber throughout Western Australia. Australian gamers can look forward to PC gaming on nearly any device later this year.

When prompted, Nvidia told Kotaku Australia that “details of the service” and its rollout will be announced later this year. We should also get information about expectations for current Shield TV owners as well, since those are regularly updated with access to new GeForce Now titles — you just can’t play those, or use GeForce Now, on a Shield TV in Australia yet.

The move means Microsoft and Nvidia are now offering cloud gaming services to Australians. Google Stadia is still yet to launch in Australia, despite the company’s substantial infrastructure here. Amazon have also been working on their Luna cloud gaming service, although trials for that are only available in the United States for now.


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