Australia’s Best Fast Food Burgers: Kotaku AU Readers’ Edition

Australia’s Best Fast Food Burgers: Kotaku AU Readers’ Edition
Images: Mary's, Ze Pickle, 8 Bit, Bar Luca
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Kotaku Australia recently posted a ranked list of the best Aussie burger joints, and it seems to have caused a stir amongst readers. While some battled it out for their love of Oporto or questioned my loyalty to a saucy Hungry Jack’s snack, others leapt in to provide handy recommendations for burger chains we’d missed.

The simple fact is Australia’s packed to the gills with incredible burger joints, way more than a single article could contain. What follows is a list of excellent Aussie burgers curated by you, Kotaku Australia’s lovely audience.

Look no further if you’re in the market for a brand new food obsession.

Mary’s (NSW, VIC)

Image: Nikki To/Broadsheet

This fine establishment was recommended by several readers, including noice.brewery and brendanatebit — and it certainly should’ve ranked on the original list. Mary’s burgers are an institution, and for good reason. The patties are always moist, the cheese is always gooey and you won’t find crisper chicken in Sydney.

If you don’t want to go to Mary’s proper (it’s very popular, particularly with “the youths”) you can also pop down to Ramblin’ Rascals in Sydney’s CBD. They’re a smaller joint and serve Mary’s along with good vibes.

Bar Luca (NSW)

Image: Bar Luca / Instagram

Another local Sydney institution that ranked high on the list of recommendations was Bar Luca in Circular Quay (thank you to Defaultluke and gabbertron). Now, I confess I haven’t made it down to Bar Luca, but one look at their instagram has my taste buds sizzling. They look like a heart attack in bun, but if you’re going out for burgers you might as well go all-in.

Check out the the melt on that cheese. The maple sauce glazing that bacon. Mwah!

Put Bar Luca on your list.

Grease Monkey, Mooki & Brodburger (ACT)

Image: Grease Monkey

These three recommendations come courtesy of [email protected]!, who evangelised the fast food selection in Canberra. The Brod Deluxe from Brodburger was called out as a particular highlight, but it sounds like you’ll need a truckload of help to make your way through this monster.

Mookie looks particularly interesting, as well: it’s a Japanese-American hybrid burger joint featuring some excellent-sounding burgers like the Truffle Grilled Chicken Burger. If you’re ever down in Australia’s capital make sure you check them out.

Ze Pickle (QLD)

Image: Ze Pickle / Uber Eats

I include this submission from IAmGriffwah and blackdahlianz with a hint of bitterness, because my local Ze Pickle in Surry Hills was recently shut down. These burgers are to die for, and there’s a reason why so many readers suggested them. For now, there’s only a handful of stores in Queensland but I have my fingers crossed they’ll return to Sydney post-COVID. Hopefully, they’ll reach the rest of Australia too.

All of Ze Pickle’s burgers are stunners, but the beef and maple bacon Chee-ze burger is the real winner here.

Betty’s Burgers (AUS)

Image: Betty’s Burgers

Betty’s Burgers completely slipped off my radar in the original list, and I apologise.

As brendanatebit, IAmGriffwah, RaptortillaW rightfully pointed out, Betty’s deserves a place on any list of great burgers. There’s no other burger joint across Australia that so delightfully captures the look and feeling of a vintage cafe but beyond its rather neat aesthetic, Betty’s Burgers is just a quality establishment.

They’re also excellent value for money, and you can grab a delicious, meaty burg for just a tenner.

Hello Harry (QLD, VIC, NSW, SA)

Image: Hello Harry

Do yourself a favour and check out the Hello Harry menu. It’s wall-to-wall burgery goodness, and there’s almost zero chance you won’t find something you like. Buttermilk battered barramundi in a burger? Check. Texan brisket burger? Check. Mediterranean lamb? Sure thing. A burger that’s all maple bacon? Absolutely.

There’s a reason why Hello Harry has exploded in popularity in recent times. Simply put, they’re excellent. Cheers to kipjib for the suggestion.

Huxtaburger (VIC, NSW, WA)

Image: Huxtaburger

Huxtaburger’s been described as a cult, and that can only mean one thing: delicious, delicious burgers. This is another joint that’s escaped my attention, but it comes very recommended from the lovely maediocre.

In the process of suggesting it, she even slipped and ended up ordering dinner. With bacon as crisp as in the image above, it’s no wonder.

Huxtaburger is absolutely set to be my next burger adventure.

Highly recommended: Other shoutouts for wider Australia included: Burger Hounds (Wahroonga, NSW) courtesy of john_stalvern, Alfred’s (Perth, WA) thanks to wozowski, BRGR (Artarmon, NSW) and Harry’s (Surry Hills, NSW) from Business Insider Australia’s Sharon Masige, Miss Kay’s (QLD), Getta Burger (QLD) and Brooklyn Depot (QLD) from IAmGriffwah, Nameless Bar (NSW) from noice.brewery, Burgers Anonymous (NSW), Sonny’s (VIC), Dee Why Hotel (NSW) and Mondaze (QLD) from brendanatebit, 4 Burgers Sake (Revesby, NSW) from lawlorz, Mister Gee Burger Truck (NSW) from LoneVaultWanderer and Ogalo (AUS), who’ve stolen the Portuguese chicken crown from Nando’s according to smegwolf.

8bit. (VIC) also earned massive shoutouts from across the Kotaku Australia universe on Twitter and in our comments section. They’re video game-themed burger bars with buns named after games like Altered Beast, Double Dragon and Zelda. 

Louie also wanted to nominate his local corner stone store, and djbear agreed sometimes a local, convenient burger really is the best burger of all.

There’s sure to be more amazing burgers we haven’t included so if you spot something you like, feel free to shout it out in the comments below — and make sure you stay tuned to Kotaku Australia for the latest and greatest in burgers. Thank you to everyone for your fantastic suggestions.


  • The Betty’s in Canberra wasn’t that great. I guess it wasn’t bad, but the milkshakes were a real letdown for the price.
    That said, I’m sure “Australia’s best shakes” would be an article in and of itself.

    I like that “smegwolf” is a series of letters now canonised in an article. Good name.

    • Grease Monkey and Brodburger definitely the solid choices in CBR. But the bigger the burger at both, the less they hold together – the double burgers at both are just laughably huge, and I find difficult to handle. Structural integrity is an underrated burger factor.

  • 8-Bit getting snubbed on both the original and the readers edition on Kotaku of all places seems like a big miss, last time i checked they were opening stores in Sydney (have at least one) and have stores across Melbourne after starting in Footscray

      • It doesn’t really count as takeaway but if you’re ever in Dandenong VIC, swing by the Dandenong Pavilion.
        Their already a good restaurant but they made a name for themselves in burger circles by having a secret burger menu that eventually became part of the main menu and grew in to a takeaway burger bar attached to the restaurant.

    • she doesnt like me apparently. left a message prior to yours, people mentioned before and after me. not that i care about being mentioned, just an obvious omission.

      • Sorry lawlorz! I was scanning the comments quickly and missed your suggestion beneath the Hungry Jack’s analysis. I’ve added it in now.

  • Down N Out are now known as Plan B due to In N Out suing them.

    Also not sure if they’re still around but Chicken & Sons did the best fried chicken burger on the planet.

    If you’re in the Hills District “Hillbilly’s Crispy Chicken” is worth a shot for sure.

    • for real? 1. its not the same name. 2. australia really sucking the american dick that hard the courts let a company that has no presence in australia win this in court?

  • I’ve heard really good things about Burger Cartel, will have to drag myself there the next rainy day.

    Been ages since I’ve had a decent burger, I moved to a area that seems to have few really good options around, I have spied a burger truck called Norma’s Burger Bar recently though that looks like it visits a nearby brewery pretty often (Sunday Road, which I also really need to try) that looks legit.

    Pro tip – Make a booking for Bar Luca if you plan on going, place gets crazy busy (though in saying that it’s probably a given these days).

  • A burger is meant to be fast, cheap and fulfilling. Im in the ACT and none of those fit that description. At least Grease monkey doesnt pretend that they are a takeaway burger place. Mooki on the other hand, so massively overpriced, dont know about you but 25 bucks plus for a basic deal, c’mon. I know Canberra is home to most of the public service earning 100k+ but still.

    Tbh never had brodburger so I cant comment on them.

    I actually dont know if hes still there but there was a trailer kitchen called Boss Burgers in Barton (Canberra) that did some great burgers at a reasonable price as well. So much better than the overpriced rubbish you get at mooki.

  • Few more notable places

    Happpy Ending Burgers (Concord, NSW) – owned by the same people as Mr Gee’s Burger truck
    YOMG (Various, VIC) Really good burgers – recommend the muffler
    BurgerHead (Penrith, NSW) – 10/10 – New store in botany in march
    Bare Grill (La Perouse, NSW) – Can get melted cheese from a raquette wheel on any burger
    #BurgerLove – (Various, VIC) – They make them large.
    Milk Bar by Cafe Ish (Redfern, NSW) – One of the first places to do a dounut burger, before i became popular

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