Bendable Gaming OLEDs Are Now A Thing

Bendable Gaming OLEDs Are Now A Thing
Image: LG

Curved gaming monitors already exist, but what if you wanted a screen that could be curved and flat? Well, LG’s got a new bendy screen just for you.

LG’s been dabbling with OLED screens for years, and they’ve even rolled out (literally) a bendable OLED at CES before. The question has always been when OLED-quality screens might come to gaming, outside of just buying a literal TV.

Well, OLED monitors aren’t a thing yet. But bendable gaming OLEDs are. According to PC Gamer and others, LG will show off a convertible 48-inch OLED that can convert from a flat-screen display to a 1000R curve. The curve is controllable as well, so if you prefer a screen with a less aggressive curve? Just hit a button on a remote to get the display to stop where you want.

You can see the screen very briefly in a teaser shot below (19 seconds).

LG’s touting 120Hz refresh rates, a variable refresh rate range all the way down to 40Hz, and, somehow, a 0.1ms response time. It’s still significantly bigger than a regular gaming monitor, but LG’s seen plenty of gamers adopt their 48-inch CX OLED screen as a monitor replacement, so it’s no surprise that the new bendy screen is being pitched for gaming as well.

The screen will reportedly be shown off next week, when CES 2021 kicks off proper. It’ll join a string of new screens and products from LG, including the first consumer mini-LED TVs. Those will be the long-term replacements for LG’s long-term LCD TVs, however, so don’t get confused thinking the mini-LED is going to replace OLED as LG’s flagship products. (And if this is confusing enough already, don’t forget: mini-LED isn’t the same thing as microLED, which Samsung has been mucking around with.)

Expect to hear way more about TVs and screens over the next week than you want to hear about. A whole suite of manufacturers are going to announce their 2021 TV lineup, which should be good for anyone who held off on buying a HDMI 2.1 screen for their PS5 or Xbox Series X. Hisense announced a bunch of HDMI 2.1 screens a few hours ago, including a $7000 8K ULED screen. Samsung’s Neo QLED screens are coming to Australia as well, and they’ll support 21:9 and 32:9 ultrawide resolutions for the first time in a regular TV.


  • After getting my OLED, I can say it’s easily the single most significant upgrade I’ve ever had for basically anything I’d use a screen for.

    That backlight bleed in movies/games with dark scenes or such has always annoyed me… But since getting the OLED playing games with any sort of gameplay at night or with darkness is incredible.

    It’s hard to emphasise just how much of a difference it makes when the darkness in a game isn’t washed out or looking like the gamma is up too high. Because even really good non-OLED screens with multiple lighting zones still have issues of light bleeding from other sections of the screen.

    Incredibly excited to see OLED and anything like it become more and more accessible.

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