Bernie’s Soul Still Berns In Soulcalibur VI Mod

Bernie’s Soul Still Berns In Soulcalibur VI Mod

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) turned heads at the inauguration of United States President Joe Biden. Unfortunately, it wasn’t because he rushed in like Stone Cold Steve Austin and stealing the presidency with a folding chair, but simply for sitting quietly in a cosy outfit and practicing social distancing. The moment took over the internet for a while, and now the democratic socialist is in Soulcalibur VI. Funny how that works.

The mod, created by User619 with a Joe Mashups model commissioned by ToastedShoes, imagines a world in which Bernie has been taken from the present day and plopped right into the 16th century conflict of Soulcalibur VI. Just look at him go.

Sure, Bernie’s still wearing his sensible coat and mittens, but he can also summon a variety of magical weapons out of thin air à la Azwel, the Soulcalibur character whose fighting style he mimics in User619’s demo. And while he doesn’t really move much, it’s hilarious watching the politician go toe-to-toe with fantastical fighters like Siegfried, Grøh, and Seong Mi-na while sitting in a chair.

The senator’s Soulcalibur cameo is just one of many over this past week. Rather than let his moment as a meme pass by, Bernie (or, more likely, someone working for his campaign) quickly had shirts and sweatshirts printed featuring his suddenly iconic photo from the U.S. Capitol. When the “Chairman Sanders” clothing line sold out, they turned around and gave the proceeds to Meals on Wheels in his home state of Vermont, a donation amounting to $US1.8 ($2) million according to The Associated Press.

That’s all to say that, while this Soulcalibur VI mod is fun, I hope Bernie isn’t going to be doing any time travelling any time soon. We can still use him here.

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