Here’s The Best Gaming Deals This Week

Here’s The Best Gaming Deals This Week
Image: Divinity Original Sin 2
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Smashing down empires for $20, creating your own death coasters for a few bucks, Ring Fit Adventure for a song and one of the best RPGs of the last decade for the cost of a movie ticket. It’s a pretty solid week if you’re after good gaming deals.

We’ll start over at GOG, where one of the best PC games — and best RPGs — is going for an absolute bargain at $24. You could spend that on a pricey movie ticket, or a cheaper movie ticket and a choctop plus popcorn. But Divinity Original Sin 2 will stay with you for a lot longer, because it’s just so bloody good:

I love Original Sin 2. It’s an enormous, complicated, strange behemoth of a thing, possessed by a swaggering confidence I’ve seen precious few games exhibit. When the smoke of Buckwild Game Year 2017 clears, it will probably end up being one of my favourite RPGs of the year, and possibly of all time. 

Head over to GOG to grab the deal.

Image: Ring Fit Adventure

Over at Amazon, the perennially out-of-stock Ring Fit Adventure is on sale and in stock. It’s $98 right now, which is a nice haircut on the usual $129.95 RRP. Still a great game for fitness and anyone who is still missing Wii Fit/Wii Tennis in their lives.

Head here to pick it up.

Image: Civilization VI

Pod Racer is still one of the best things to come out of the Star Wars franchise. It’s much more playable on PCs these days thanks to a solid re-port from Aspyr (it’s not really a remaster, or a remake).

Fanatical has the classic Episode I Racer for a measly $3.46, which is an absolute steal for hours of fun. But if you want something a little meatier, there’s also some great deals on some astronomically good games. Persona 4: Golden is going for $34, a huge bargain when you consider how many hours you’ll get travelling between the real world, TV world and the Shadows. The PC version of Death Stranding is $41.97, and there’s a similarly huge deal on the base version of Civilization VI.

You can also build a pretty outstanding bundle of 2, 3 or 5 games right here. Titles include Metro 2033: Redux, the Legacy of Kain trilogy, Orwell: Ignorance is StrengthSleeping DogsJust Cause 3 XXL EditionOrwellFRAMED CollectionGRID Ultimate EditionIron MarinesWar for the OverworldDeus Ex: Mankind Divided and more.

But what if you want something with more of a beat? Bullets Per Minute, a rhythm FPS that’s like mashing Crypt of the Necrodancer with Quake, is only $19.40 over at Green Man Gaming. Ghostrunner is on sale too if you want more cyberpunk first-person dodging. Other great offers include Kenshi for $25, the original Risk of Rain for $3.26, and Black Matter’s impressive WW2 shooter Hell Let Loose for $27.

Last but not least…

cyberpunk 2077 pc
Image: Kotaku Australia (Cyberpunk 2077)

If you’ve got a PS5 — or you don’t mind rolling the dice with a PS4 Pro — Cyberpunk 2077 is already being discounted at Amazon. The PS4/PS5 (when the patch drops) version is only $54 right now, with free shipping if you have Amazon Prime.

Even if you sit on the game for a while, Cyberpunk 2077‘s upgrades throughout the rest of this year will all be free. Cyberpunk 2077 hasn’t been added back to the PlayStation Store yet, but if you’re playing on a PS5 the performance holds up. (Those playing on a base PS4, however, might want to hold out for a month or two.)

See any other great gaming deals on the internet this week?

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