Capcom Announces Multiplayer Shooter Resident Evil Re:Verse

Capcom Announces Multiplayer Shooter Resident Evil Re:Verse
Image: Capcom

During today’s Resident Evil showcase, Capcom announced Resident Evil Re:Verse, a multiplayer shooter featuring characters from across the franchise.

The brief snippets of gameplay highlighted during the stream showed a game with a distinctive, comic-book art style. Some of the playable characters include Leon Kennedy, Jill Valentine, and Chris Redfield.

Capcom’s press release goes into greater detail, explaining that Resident Evil Re:Verse matches will be between teams of four-to-six players and that each character will have their own unique skills. When a player dies, they will be able to come back as bioweapons like the Nemesis, William Birkin, and Jack Baker.

Resident Evil Re:Verse will be free to play with the purchase of Resident Evil Village.


    • Ah leave em be, the games usually find an audience in the Asia PC scene.
      They often have a small budget, small development team and make use of the assets developed for the mainline series so their not really aiming for critical acclaim.

  • Even the reveal trailer looked janky and boring.

    When the best you’ve got for the moment to moment gameplay is three players awkwardly shooting at each other in an empty room and one person sliding awkwardly off the scenery, you don’t have a product ready for primetime.

    This is going to be another one of those games where they pay a small dev team not enough to churn out something and hope it magically turns into a F2P money farm. Then the devs are going to cop endless shit for making a bad game despite doing the best they can with the budget and design spec they’ve been given.

  • Nothing like gameplay trailers where the ones playing have apparently never touched a controller or mouse and keyboard ever before in their lifetime.

  • This looks even worse than the one bundled with RE3. Why can’t Capcom do something the fans actually ASK FOR like a revamped Mercenaries or Raid mode???

    Meanwhile, RE8 looks awesome. Capcom are on a roll with RE7, 2, 3. Bring on 4.

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