Chess Looks Wild In 2021

Chess Looks Wild In 2021
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This week we figure out how tall the very big lady from Resident Evil Village is, flip out a Bernie chair, learn what games will be free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers this month, buy 408 kg of PlayStation consoles and check in on chess YouTube in 2021.

Great Kotaku Content From The Past Week

Auto Chess Is Getting a MOBA, Continuing the Eternal Cycle

The history of the MOBA genre is one of mods and iteration. Its most popular and still-standing games today are the result of multiple reimaginings and tweaks to skirt copyright issues. Now, there’s one more absurd step to the story: the makers of Auto Chess are making a MOBA. An...

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I can’t wait for this MOBA to become really popular and spawn a mod that then spawns a MOBA that then spawns a new auto chess game that then spawns a card game that then spawns…

I Figured Out How Tall The Sexy Resident Evil Lady Is Because Of Course I Did

Oh, Tall Lady, how do I love thee, let me count the ways.

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This is why I’m proud to work at Kotaku. We do the real work.

You Can Buy A 400KG Box Of PlayStation Consoles

What an age we live in. PlayStation consoles, by the pound.

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What would you rather have? 414 kg of PlayStation consoles or $US240 ($311) worth of pudding?


There was a lot of good (and bad!) Bernie memes created this past week. This is the best.

I would play more chess if the pieces were people and shot lasers. I think what I want is laser tag, actually. Yes. That’s what I want. Never mind. (Original video here!)

OK, no more Bernie memes. The new cool thing is remixing this song.

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