Games That Deserve A Next-Gen Revival

Games That Deserve A Next-Gen Revival

There are lots of great games to look forward to but that never stops us from revisiting our favourites. Now that a new console generation has arrived this is the perfect opportunity for some classic games to make a comeback.

Microsoft and Sony have announced a bunch of sequels to look forward to. There’s the next instalment in the Halo franchise, a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, a new Gran Turismo – all of which look to take advantage of everything next-gen has to offer. But if the return of Crash Bandicoot 4 and Super Mario 3D All-Stars are anything to go by, it’s that gamers still love nostalgia.

Here are some classic franchises that deserve a comeback on next-gen.

Deus Ex

Rumours of a new Deus Ex game have been circulating for a while, but there’s no doubt that gamers want to see this series come back. Deus Ex: Mankind came out five years ago and Eidos has since moved on to work on the new Tomb Raider games. But there are still indications that the developers want to return to the franchise when they have the time. Well, that time is now!

A Deus Ex next-gen game has huge potential. The series brought us cyberpunk before Cyberpunk 2077 was a thing and it would be nothing short of epic to see this dystopian world with the latest graphics. Plus there’s been plenty of conspiracy theories and technological developments since the last game that can be mined for a new Deus Ex story. Even a remaster on next-gen would be better than nothing.


Games That Deserve A Next-Gen Revival

After Spyro’s PS1 companion Crash Bandicoot got a long-awaited sequel last year – which lived up to expectations – it’s the dragon’s turn. Spyro’s had some less than stellar reboot attempts over the years – remember that time when they made they tried to make Spyro gritty? But the Spyro Reignited Trilogy reminded us how fun it is to play these classics again, particularly when it had upgraded visuals to match.

Of course, any sequel to Spyro already comes with huge expectations. But if Crash can do it, Spyro can too and there’s never been a better time to try.


quake game logo

Now that Microsoft has purchased ZeniMax there has to be some small chance that a Quake reboot is back on the table. Sure, we still have Quake Champions, but there’s no better time to give a new Quake game a shot. The fandom is also very much alive – if the annual occurrence of QuakeCon is any kind of indicator – so give the people what they want.

Jak and Daxter

jak and daxter game

It’s a long shot now that Naughty Dog has moved onto games like The Last of Us, but Jak and Daxter is a classic PlayStation series that deserves a reboot. While a return to the nostalgia of the original games would be great on any day of the week, there’s an opportunity here to take Jak and Daxter in a different direction. Jak 2 and Jak 3 already introduced some darker ideas to the series but bringing out an even grittier science-fantasy open world on next-gen could be a way forward for the franchise.

Sly Cooper

sly cooper still

Speaking of classic PlayStation franchises, can we please get a new Sly Cooper game? It has been a whole console generation since Sly 4: Thieves in Time released so now is as good a time as any to revive the franchise. Of course, Sucker Punch has gone on to the excellent Ghost of Tsushima now so I can’t see them returning to Sly. But if Sanzaru wants another shot or any other studio is looking for an old school stealth platformer to pick up – here is an easy win. I’d even take a remaster at this point, just let me play a Sly game again.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

knights of the old republic

We’re all hanging out for a new Knights of the Old Republic game. Heralded as some of the best Star Wars games on offer, it’s high time for the series to return. Star Wars is entering a resurgence in its film, TV and theme park branches, and while we’ve had plenty of Star Wars games in recent years, this is the one that deserves a next-gen reboot. Even a remaster of the original games would be great just so more players can experience what made them so special.

Dead Space

Games That Deserve A Next-Gen Revival

If any space horror game needs a reset on next-gen it’s Dead Space. The last game may not have lived up to expectations but the original Dead Space is still a hit. It brought us interesting characters, a new sci-fi world and some serious horror. Bringing Dead Space to next-gen seems like the perfect move to reinvigorate the franchise and take advantage of the latest hardware.

So many games deserve to make a comeback on next-gen. Are there others you think should be added to the list? Let us know!


  • Dishonoured by Arkane Studios

    It did stealth and multi-path gameplay better than Dues-Ex did.
    Bethesda mothballed the series after Death of the Outsider standalone, and put the studio onto Prey . Deathloop is coming out this year, but I really loved the Dishonoured series.

    • One of my favourite series ever, but it’s still too new and the graphical style too timeless to be called a revival, it would just be a sequel.

  • I love Deus Ex Human Revolution. I actually have it installed on my PC right now, just in case I feel like playing, and many times playing Cyberpunk I wished it was more like it. Especially in regards to stealth.

    I also bought the original Deus Ex on release and finished it many times, if that counts for anything.

    But Mankind Divided still has amazing graphics, it will push ANY rig very hard but… the writing and the story are just so woeful, I’d honestly rather them just forget about the franchise altogether than release another game with such terrible story, writing, dialogue, architecture and structure. Every few months/years I replay it. I don’t know why. Just to see that amazing eye candy I suppose, but everytime, as soon as the major talking parts begin I just have to bail. It’s SO bad. And the layout of the buildings… it just feels like a game. What’s the point of air ducts if they’re 1) easily accessible and 2) only lead to important story areas of the game? There’s just no point.

    I still just dread when the special forces team talk to Jensen and the 2nd in command keeps making wise cracks in the briefing. They throw you OUT of the special forces for that. Hell they throw you out of the military. They sure as hell don’t put you in charge. Just a pet peeve. Really surprising after the sheer excellence of Human Revolution and a complete disappointment. Graphics are totally dope though. Really.

    I also have Dead Space installed. Total thumbs up from me. First console port I really loved.

    • I just… I don’t know HOW they shat the bed so hard with Mankind Divided. It felt so limited compared to Human Revolution? Like you said, the writing was so terrible, the gameplay such a step down. I just never, ever felt as invested in it as I did Human Revolution unfortunately 🙁

      • I know right? Like, it wasn’t just one aspect. They dropped the ball on multiple levels. Graphics as I said are dope, but they don’t make up for… everything else.

        Probably my biggest disappointment gaming wise in the last few years. Like, I really, really loved HR. The original as well… really great games. It just… didn’t happen for Mankind Divided. At all.

    • It wasn’t a console port. I don’t know how you don’t know this, but most games are developed on PC first and then ported to consoles during the development process so they can all be released together. Modern consoles are so much like PC’s now that it’s a moot point anyway, and the phrase ‘port’ will disappear.

  • O could really go another Culdcept saga. It’s been a few years since the last 3DS title came out, but even if they released the 360 Culdcept on XBO/XBS BC, and made it available in PAL regions, I’d be pretty happy with that.

  • Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri.
    Beyond Earth just isn’t the same, and although there’s been 4X games since that have explored similar themes and had similar mechanics, I don’t think there’s been any 4X with as compelling a story and setting.

  • Having been going through a nostalgia trip playing Breakdown on Xbox for the past few nights, I would be so down for a next gen remake of it. The gameplay was so ahead of its time that it just wasn’t executed that well and is frustrating to play more often than not, like the developers vision outstripped their ability and the technology. But the story and world absolutely deserve to be better realised through a remake.

  • F-Zero.

    F-Zero GX on the GameCube was awesome, looked great at 60 FPS and played so well. It’s time for a sequel on the Switch.

  • Bit out of left field, but a few things from the past I think could be amazing in next-gen:

    1) Bad Mojo. The roach game had fantastic graphics for its time and told a very unusual story that I still don’t see echoed in many (if any) games since. It was grim, ugly, and visceral, but slightly let down by the mechanical limitations of the day. With a narrative told through exploration and puzzles, and an opportunity for some truly gut-churning high-definition filth and decay, a modern Bad Mojo could be seriously subversive.

    2) Desert/Jungle/Urban Strike. I don’t understand why there hasn’t even been an indie spiritual successor. The ‘strike’ franchise, and the NES Ultimate Air Combat that damn near surpassed them all, had a simple mechanic that was just fun as hell. I mean, I guess we kind of got that by way of Project Wingman, but the 3rd-person isometric view and significantly more arcadey feel hasn’t been replicated by any title I can think of. Return Fire probably came closest only a few years later, also bringing some head-to-head PVP capture the flag to the mix, with a variety of vehicles, but I’d just love to see a pure remake.

    3) Metal Marines. The closest thing I can think comes close is Into The Breach, which steered away from resource-management strategy feeding into combat and instead went with more rogue-like rolls improvisation and puzzle-solving. Either way, the theme of picking your mechs, resources, and static defences was great fun and I haven’t seen much (already noted) do anything close.

    4) E.V.O. Search for Eden I’m personally thinking of more the Amiga version than the more simplified SNES version. I’d love to see something closer to this, and the best I’ve seen is an indie early access affair ‘Feed and Grow: Fish’, which has for several years now remained rough-as-guts streambait novelty laugh fodder rather than a fully-realized evolution game.

    5) Blood Omen (Legacy of Kain) – The last actual Blood Omen/Legacy of Kain game was nearly 20 years ago, and no the online PVP match-based team shooter dead-before-launch Nosgoth doesn’t fucking count. Metroidvanias with compelling combat mechanics are so hot right now, and Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain did it amazingly well back in the day. I’d say it’s overdue a HD rebirth in all its medieval post-apocalyptic glory.

  • I’ll settle for competent remasters of most of those. I think C&C showed there’s a market for it.

    But if I want a remake of anything on that list, its KOTOR & Deus Ex. Also, as much as I loved Spyro on PSX, that game did not age well in the remasters.

  • Vagrant Story, Vagrant Story and then some more Vagrant Story. One of the absolute best games on the PSOne. And Syphon Filter as well

    • Haha, I don’t think Syphon Filter would age well even remastered, but its one of my favourite games of all time 😀

  • I absolute agree with Quake! I have fond memories of the Quake II and Quake IV campaigns. But what we absolutely need some sort of revival for is Psi-Ops The Mindgate Conspiracy, fantastic game and Control is the closest we’ve ever come to it since. And of course I can’t not mention Need For Speed Underground, almost everything EA has put out since Most Wanted has been an insult to fans. It literally feels like they’re trying to not make massive amounts of money by giving us what we want.

  • quake champions is nothing like the original Quake, and furthermore champions is quite an awful game, it doesn’t even hold a candle to Quake III Arena which it was supposed to be based on.

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