There’s Some Great Bargains On Corsair PC Gear Today

There’s Some Great Bargains On Corsair PC Gear Today
Image: Corsair
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If you head over to Amazon, you’ll see that Corsair is currently running a Back To School promotion for a range of their PC gaming gear. While these sale prices aren’t the giant markdowns you’d usually see during something like Prime Day or Black Friday, there’s a few good deals to be had.

If you’re currently putting together a gaming PC and are in need of some peripherals, or you’re looking for some budget replacement gear for your current set up, this sale is well worth a look at.

The Corsair K63 wireless mechanical keyboard is being sold for $160, which is cheaper by $20 to $40, depending on which competitor you’re looking at. If you want a keyboard with a more expressive spectrum of RGB colours, the K57 wireless keyboard is $149.30, down from $169. If you’re not one for wireless keyboards, there’s also the K70 MK.2 (low profile), which is going for $206.51.

The best deal of the bunch is for Corsair’s M65 Elite mouse, which you can pick up for $84 and save yourself $24.90. If you spend a lot of your time playing twitch shooters and reaction-based games, it’s a great high-performance mouse. If you’re also looking to replace that mouse pad you’ve worn a considerable groove into, you could also grab a new one for cheap.

There’s also a few deals going for their gaming headsets. Corsair’s wireless Virtuoso RGB headset is now $295, down from $329. The wireless Void Elite RGB headset has had its price reduced to $170 from $189.

A pair of Corsair’s HS50 Pro are going for $75, which is $10 off the usual price, and are a solid, budget option for a PC headset. They’re also compatible with the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, so if you’re in the market for an affordable headset that’ll cover all of your gaming system needs, the HS50s aren’t a bad piece of gear to pick up.

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