Cyberpunk 2077 Adds Official Mod ‘Support Tools’

Cyberpunk 2077 Adds Official Mod ‘Support Tools’
The game's Photo Mode can generate some exceptionally good shots. Here's one of mine.

It’s not an official creation kit, but for Cyberpunk 2077 fans looking to properly build out Night City — or those who just really want to bang Keanu — CD Projekt Red has shipped some official Cyberpunk 2077 mod tools to help.

The official tools aren’t anything particularly flash: a 22kb metadata file, a utility for listing game archives data, and a utility for showing the contents of game settings binaries. So you can’t do any actual editing, but for people looking to datamine Cyberpunk 2077 even further, this will at least help uncover bits of info a little more easily.

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People have already been making Cyberpunk 2077 mods of their own, ranging from better hair, improved clothing, save file editors, simpler in-game menus, improved vehicle handling, FPS improvements, mod and script managers, automated solutions for the breach protocol hacking game, and mods to open locked cars and doors. CD Projekt’s tools here don’t help or hinder the creation or use of any of those.

It’s more likely that we’ll see the community thrive on fan-created modding tools, with these Cyberpunk 2077 support tools used to help along the way. An official REDkit — the modding tool released by CD Projekt for The Witcher 2 mods — hasn’t been confirmed. CD Projekt said they were always going to focus on the game’s initial release, and with so much work still being done on performance, stability, quest bugs and other issues, not to mention future work towards story DLC and a multiplayer mode, “proper” official mod tools are a long, long way away.

It hasn’t stopped people from improving the game in tons of ways, mind you. If you haven’t given it a whirl already, here’s a list of some cracking mods. I fully recommend the Autonomous Reshade and optimised raytracing.


  • Ooh! I hope someone adds auto-drive for player controlled vehicles.

    I loved that you could make Roach gallop and follow the path in Witcher 3.

    • I also hope for a mod which puts direction arrows on the roads, don’t know why they didn’t think to put that in.

      • Considering that you get guidelines of that type when you’re doing the racing missions? Yes! Even if they put it as a reward for at least starting the races, and then being given the ability to use it outside with your other driving would be a blessing.

        Can’t count the amount of times I’ve missed a turn and had to do a quick 180 to take the path. Not too much of a hassle on a motorbike, but when you’re dealing with the bumper to bumper inner city traffic, its a pain.

        • I feel like that’s more a problem with the minimap while driving… The zoom level on it is absurd for driving, so you don’t even see turns coming until its too late.

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