Don’t Worry, Big Frog Is Here

Don’t Worry, Big Frog Is Here
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This week we rank a bunch of Sonic games, control a fox with a controller, play Pokemon in a weird place, check out some of the new content coming to Puyo Puyo 2 and meet the wonderful and amazing Big Frog.

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Now We’re Playing Pokémon In A Twitter Profile Pic

Gameloft Montreal programmer Constantin Liétard has created a script that allows Twitter users to control a game of Pokémon Red playing out in his profile picture. It’s like ‘Twitch Plays Pokémon’ without having to deal with Twitch chat.

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How much longer before we are playing Pokemon inside the comments to one of these blogs covering weird ways people are playing Pokemon?

Let’s Rank (A Few) Sonic Games

There are a lot of Sonic games. There aren’t too many Sonic games because one can never get enough of the blue streak, but in order to keep this list from spiraling out of control I created a few ground rules.

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They have probably made too many Sonic games. But some of them are good.

Twitch’s Pogchamp Removal Was Never Enough, And Now It’s Turning Into A Disaster

It’s not every day you hear about an enormous platform like Twitch swatting the face of one of its most popular emotes clean off and rendering the president’s account indefinitely inert, as it did in the aftermath of last week’s Capitol Building insurrection. But Twitch does do similar things from...

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Every time I read about what’s going on over on Twitch I feel older and older.

Luigi’s New Ride Is Just A Penis

Today marks the start of mobile Mario Kart’s 35th tour, transporting players to Berlin, Germany, where Luigi dons knee-length leather shorts and rides about town in a wheeled phallus brandishing a fork-skewered sausage.

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Guten tag!


I wish I could unsubscribe from Anxiety Prime and Depression+.

Is this a bad frog or a weird Pokemon?

Old news: sea shanties. The new hotness: controlling foxes with a controller.

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