Fans Surprised By New CG Anime Show’s Quality

Fans Surprised By New CG Anime Show’s Quality
Screenshot: ColumbiaMusicJp

Cyberpunk manga Ex-Arm is getting a TV anime adaptation this month. The show, which is a CG anime, was originally slated for release last winter but got pushed back due to the pandemic.

When the Ex-Arm trailer first debuted, fans were not complementary. “The anime is about bad CGI vs bad CGI,” wrote one YouTube commenter, while others joked that this looked to be the best anime of 2021.

Things appeared a little rough!

Gif: ColumbiaMusicJpGif: ColumbiaMusicJp
Gif: ColumbiaMusicJpGif: ColumbiaMusicJp

The latest trailer showed more of the characters, with their odd expressions and robotic mouth-movements.

They look like ventriloquist’s dummies. In the trailer, the dialogue doesn’t quite seem to match up.

Gif: 集英社コミック公式 S-MANGAGif: 集英社コミック公式 S-MANGA
Gif: 集英社コミック公式 S-MANGAGif: 集英社コミック公式 S-MANGA
Gif: 集英社コミック公式 S-MANGAGif: 集英社コミック公式 S-MANGA

Other scenes in the episode look awkward, which is why, as My Game News Flash reports, fans and viewers alike seemed surprised by the show’s quality. “I liked the manga,” wrote one fan, “Why did this happen?” Others felt sorry for Ex-Arm fans and said that the show looked cheap and amateurish. Some, though, actually mid find this ramshackle animation oddly appealing!

The quality isn’t great, sure, but I’ve seen shows turn things around. Maybe the anime will improve as the season goes on or get an improved Blu-ray release.


  • When Beserk one of the highest rated Mangas of all time… is also one of the lowest rated anime of all time, due to Bad CGI. Nothing can save Ex-Arm. Nothing.

    The part I dont understand is why Crunchyroll drop money on this as one of their Originals. They been really paying for lemons recently.

    • I dunno about all the originals. I quite enjoyed Noblesse, God of High School, and Tower of God. Haven’t watched many of the others.
      I did try to stick with that Mayan-themed one for a few episodes because it was taking an unusual setting and using a more diverse cast, but I just couldn’t get past the first few. Pacing, animation, acting, internal consistency, all horribly off. Just a really bad show.

      As for Ex-Arm… Christ. Appleseed managed to do better CGI in fucking TWO THOUSAND AND FOUR. Nearly two god damn decades of improvements in technique and technology later and this thing is worse. How?

      I’d understand if these were the non-cinematic in-game renders for an upcoming video game in the vein of God Eater or something, but as a stand-alone ‘anime’ series that people are expected to watch for itself and itself alone? Bloody hell. What a tragic waste of money and artists’ time.

      • Tower of God was brilliant, but I started seeing an issue in GoHS and then Noblesse… that you saw clearly in the Mayan one. The pacing and animation choices of the screenplays with tighter budgets to keep pumping out originals is suffering something.

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