Hitman Studio’s Project 007 Will Feature A New James Bond

Hitman Studio’s Project 007 Will Feature A New James Bond
Wax figures of James Bond actors at Madame Tussauds. (Photo: Steffi Loos, Getty Images)

When Hitman developer IO Interactive’s James Bond game (working title Project 007) hits the scene, it will do so with an entirely new James Bond, studio head Hakan Abrak told the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (h/t TheGamer).

Project 007 will follow James Bond in his early days as a British Secret Service agent, portraying the events that led to him earning the iconic 007 code name. This “wholly original” origin story sets the game apart from Bond’s most famous portrayals on the silver screen, wherein he’s already an established MI6 operative, so the development of a new leading man makes sense, especially when you factor in the franchise’s already-tenuous relationship with continuity.

James Bond first debuted on film in 1962’s Dr. No, portrayed by Sean Connery. Since then, several actors have taken up the mantle, including George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and most recently Daniel Craig. A popular theory for why the character has the potential to look so different from movie to movie is that “James Bond,” like 007 itself, is a codename, utilised by various agents throughout history, which may or may not jive with the upcoming game.

In any case, IO Interactive obviously has high hopes for Project 007. The studio opened a second office in Malmö, Sweden last year and is reportedly doubling its overall staff from 200 to a workforce of over 400. Abrak also indicated that IO might already be laying the groundwork for a James Bond trilogy now that Hitman’s “World of Assassination” trilogy has finished. But as the first game is still a ways off, any future plans remain to be seen.


  • So it is a new adaptation of the same James Bond character that was the basis for all the novels and films.

    In other words, not a new James Bond, despite what a kooky fan theory might say.

  • “James Bond is also a codename” no it’s not lmao. That is hilarious.
    Also, I don’t really care for continuity in the sense of the recent movies. The stories don’t always had to directly flow into each other and link back to old ones (wtf were they thinking??)

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