Horizon Zero Dawn’s Last Big PC Patch Has Finally, Mostly Fixed The Port

Horizon Zero Dawn’s Last Big PC Patch Has Finally, Mostly Fixed The Port
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While it was great that PC owners got to play a big Sony exclusive last year, what wasn’t so great about Horizon Zero Dawn’s port was that it ran like shit. Well, five months later things are looking much better.

Horizon Zero Dawn Is Not Running Great On Many PCs

Horizon Zero Dawn’s release on PC is welcome, and it’s still a really good game, but as far as PC experiences go, for a lot of people right now it’s not exactly ideal.

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While players were initially beset by everything from sluggish performance to textures not loading, a number of patches since launch have chipped away at these issues. And now, a v1.10 release promises to clean up most of the remainder.

I can’t speak to this personally — my stuttering was fixed in a previous patch — but a quick check on Reddit and forums shows that a lot of players, beset by issues that hadn’t yet been fixed, are now enjoying an improved experience.

That’s because v1.10 is a bigger and more comprehensive update than others, the result of players “sending in your crash reports over the past months”, with Guerrilla saying “the information we received through your reports was invaluable to further investigate and help fix some of the trickier issues that we fixed in Patch 1.10.”

Which is all well and good, because the reason for this bigger, more comprehensive patch is:

As our team continues development on our upcoming title Horizon Forbidden West, we are shifting to less frequent updates for Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition for PC after this patch.

Let’s be clear, it sucks and was poor form that the game released with so many problems, both for its own sake but also as a bad look for future PlayStation ports. But loads of games do that and never get fixed, so at least this one did!


  • I really like this game. Played it through on the PS4 and day 1 purchase on PC. Took a few months for it to be playable so I was a tad miffed and disappointed.

    But they stuck with it and now it’s pretty damned solid.

  • I’m so glad they patched this on PC. I reckon everyone should at least have a go of it, so they too can experience robot Jurassic Park in all of its glory. Complete with you screaming for dear life as you pull an entire area of mobs.

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