Immortals Fenyx Rising’s New Netflix Tie-In Quest Isn’t Much, But The Rewards Are Good

Immortals Fenyx Rising’s New Netflix Tie-In Quest Isn’t Much, But The Rewards Are Good
Screenshot: Ubisoft
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Immortals Fenyx Rising received a new, free quest late last week as part of yet another media crossover. This time, it’s with an animated Netflix show called Blood of Zeus. The added quest isn’t very good, but it does have some nice rewards. But you’ll have to act soon to get them.

It seems Ubisoft is very open to doing crossovers in Immortals. A few weeks back, Immortals got an Adventure Time-themed cosmetic pack. Now, Blood of Zeus has come to Immortals for a limited-time event. The new quest is barely connected to the animated TV show, however. You start the quest, “A Tribute To Family,” at the Hall of Heroes. Waiting there is a ghostly warrior, using the same model that’s been in the game since launch. He explains some stuff about blood, family, and sacrifices. I assume if you’ve seen the show, which was released back in October, his dialogue might be more interesting or important. I haven’t seen the show, though, so I just sort of nodded along. When he was done, I ran off to kill the two big bosses.

Screenshot: Ubisoft / Kotaku Screenshot: Ubisoft / Kotaku

One is a Cerberus and the other a Chimera, both enemies that already exist in the game. In fact, on my way to fight the Chimera boss I ran into a random one chilling in the world and killed it. Once they are dead, I took the two items they dropped — some blood and a blue rose — and headed to a Zeus shrine. After a short, dialogue-free cutscene, the quest was over. The whole thing took about five minutes.

It’s a weird crossover, one that hasn’t given me any extra interest in watching Blood of Zeus. (I even had to look up what the show even was because the quest didn’t tell me much.) Blood of Zeus has a tenuous Immortals connection because one of the voice actors on the show, Elia Toufexis, is also the voice behind Prometheus, one of the main characters in Immortals. But that’s never mentioned or played with at all.

Screenshot: Ubisoft / Kotaku Screenshot: Ubisoft / Kotaku

However, I still recommend folks boot up Immortals and play this limited-time quest. It’s easy and short and nets you some nice rewards. You get a badge, an item that provides you with a chance to shoot lightning at targets during combat. You also get a new face and hairdo, and even get 300 Electrum, a premium currency. Considering you only get 30 a pop from daily quests, this is a nice bit of free fake money. If you’re a fan of Blood of Zeus, there’s a new cosmetic pack in the store, which isn’t time-limited. So while the whole thing didn’t wow me, it’s worth checking out for the rewards.

The Blood of Zeus crossover quest is playable in the game until January 28 on all platforms.

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