Japan Now Has A Super Nintendo World Train

Japan Now Has A Super Nintendo World Train
Photo: Nintendo/USJ (Press Release)

Starting today, the JR Yumesaki train line in Osaka is covered in Mario and friends to celebrate Super Nintendo World, which was supposed to open February 4. However, it has since been delayed. Again. 

Universal Studios Japan visitors ride the train line to the theme park.

Japan is currently under a state of emergency due to covid-19, and the Super Mario themed wrapping will remain for the time being. (Note that while the outside of the train screams Nintendo, the inside looks like a typical Japanese train.)

Photo: Nintendo/USJ (Press Release) Photo: Nintendo/USJ (Press Release)

In an official Universal Studios Japan press release, the studio acknowledged that even though the park’s opening has been pushed back, the wrapping went ahead to bring a smile to people’s faces in hopes of better days ahead. 

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