Magic: The Gathering Arena Now Available On Google Play

Magic: The Gathering Arena Now Available On Google Play
Screenshot: Wizards of the Coast / Kotaku

Magic: The Gathering Arena, the online multiplayer version of the popular trading-card game, launched today in early access for select Android devices via Google Play, with an iOS version due out later this year. Playing involves some squinting, but now it’s even harder to put down.

I’ve played a little Magic: The Gathering Arena on my Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, and while the large-for-a-mobile-device display is still pretty small, the game is very playable. Some familiarity with which cards have which art helps, but card magnification is just a finger-tap away. The mobile version features crossplay with the PC version, and the two share the same account, so progress carries over. The major difference is it’s now much more comfortable to play while using the restroom, riding the bus, camping in an area with good signal, or using the restroom on a bus in a camping area. Here’s a trailer.

Now to see if I can resist the urge to buy an Android tablet before the iPad version drops later this year.

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