Microsoft Wants To Know If PS5 DualSense Controller Features Should Come To Xbox

Microsoft Wants To Know If PS5 DualSense Controller Features Should Come To Xbox
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When next-gen consoles released last November one of the most exciting features of the PS5 was its new DualSense controller. Now it seems Microsoft is testing the waters with a survey to see if Xbox players want similar functions on their controllers.

u/FOREM4N on Reddit has revealed a screenshot from a customer experience survey they received from Microsoft. The survey asks Xbox Series X/S owners if they are aware of the features on PlayStation controllers and whether they wish the Xbox Series X/S controller had these features. The options allow users to rank their agreement or disagreement with this statement.

New survey asks series X|S owners if there are features on Playstation controllers they wish were on xbox from XboxSeriesX

The Reddit user said this survey came in an email from Microsoft directed at those who have purchased a next-gen Xbox console. According to the user the email states:

We want your feedback! As part of our desire to hear more from our users, you’ve been selected to take part in a survey about your experience using Xbox consoles.

TechRadar also reported receiving the email and revealed the survey also asks whether the new Xbox Series “feels next-gen” and what users think of the home screen UI. So it’s not just the controller Microsoft is seeking feedback on.

This survey is in no way a confirmation that Microsoft has plans to release a new Xbox controller with the same features as the PS5 DualSense. It is, after all, just a feedback survey. But the types of questions in the survey do point to the areas of improvement that Microsoft is looking at. Given the popularity of the DualSense, if Xbox players respond loud enough we might see some of these features included in the Xbox Series in the future.

Phil Spencer, VP of Gaming at Microsoft, has previously praised Sony’s new PlayStation controller and indicated that Microsoft is always open to innovating its hardware. This survey could influence whether adaptive triggers or haptic feedback are included in the next controller design – so if you got this email make sure to have your say.

Potentially Microsoft’s next standalone Xbox Elite controller could incorporate some DualSense features. But as always, these functions will be determined by the number of game devs that choose to integrate them.


  • This’ll be fantastic if enough MS users reply in the affirmative. Universal haptics across both major console platforms will mean developers of cross-platform titles can more confidently develop features that use them, instead of the hassle of singling out PS users for a uniquely-improved experience.

    • I would say that even if the survey was leaned more toward the negative, it’s only a matter of time until MS jumps back on board.
      With both Nintendo and Sony going all in on the tech and MS having dabbled in the past, it’s already on the road to mainstream.
      (Developers seem to be taking to it quite well too)

    • To play devil’s advocate though regarding the ‘uptake’ of the new dual sense features, the Xbox One had the trigger feedback and it was used in a woefully few number of games and I’m talking about first party games, not even thinking third party would put the effort into the second place horse.

      So devs might not bother in any case..

      For me, the microphone in the controller is awesome and MS should be jumping on that immediately with a revision 2 controller. It doesn’t change anything for devs, but is very useful when you don’t want to grab your headphones out for a quick chat.

      • I really want an inbuilt microphone, I have such bad luck with the microphones on headsets (work on some of my xbone controllers only) such a patent friendly feature too once you have kids who want to chat online with their buddies.

      • They dropped Kinect and brought in the redesigned Xbox One controllers with the 3.5mm jack around the same time last gen. I was disappointed at that time they didn’t introduce a microphone on the controller as I found Kinects best feature not to be the cameras, but rather the voice commands. If everyone’s controller had a mic built in then that may have seen those voice controls sticking around. Wasn’t to be and the features fell away with time.

        Would be a great addition to the controller still.

  • The Xbox controllers have fallen woefully behind PlayStation. Imagine my shock opening my brand new Series S and finding out that the rechargeable batteries are still sold separately. They still take friggin AAs…. Playstation controllers have been rechargeable since the 3.

    • I’ll never understand using the fact you have the option to use AAs as a negative, wish I could use my rechargable AAs in Sony’s controllers and get 4x the capacity.

      • +1 my ps4 controller has woefully bad battery life. I don’t play as much as I like and when I do play the battery is near dead and I’ve got stay tethered.

      • 100% agree. I think replaceable batteries are great. I own close to 70 old consoles and I never throw my hardware out.
        Internal batteries are a pain in the arse to replace compared to slapping in a couple of batteries.
        I’d much rather that than at a bare minimum, unscrewing the entire controller and taking the risk of stuffing up the buttons or something else internally. They aren’t the easiest things to get back together. A lot of smalloving parts that need to be in exactly the right place.
        Replaceable batteries mean you never have to go anywhere near the internals.
        People also always seem to forget that you can buy rechargeable AA batts and you have the best of both worlds.
        Look at Apple and the way they glue the damn batteries in so they are crazy difficult to replace.
        Not to mention your average Joe wouldn’t even try to attempt that anyway.
        But even my 9 y.o nephew could change the batteries in my Xbox controllers.
        Replaceable batteries FTW!

    • The real slap in the face is they sell the rechargeable part separate. So it’s not as if they don’t have them. They’re just stinging it up. Even Nintendos controllers can charge.

      • Being able to buy extra battery packs is a good thing. I agree that it is bizarre that the controller doesn’t come with one to start with.

        On my PS4, I settled on two controllers: play with one while the other charges and then swap when the first runs out of juice. Being able to swap batteries only could potentially be cheaper.

      • I’ve most definitely pulled the second rechargeables from another controller to instantly recharge my elite on long gaming sessions. You can’t do that with PlayStation.

    • It should be noted that Playstation controllers are renowned for losing charge over time, leaving you with a paperweight. At least those recharge packs last forever.

      I was actually a little annoyed when the Elite 2 came with a built in battery tbh.

      • Renowned? Personally my original PS4 controller still works with a full gaming sessions charge and of all the three I bought along the way, not a single one of them has ever had a battery that has ‘died’. All four of the controllers are all still in full working order. In all that time I have had to mechanically replace THREE Xbox controllers.

        • Literally have a box of dead PS4 and PS3 controllers that hold an hour charge at best.

          Haven’t had any issues with normal Xbox controllers mechanically breaking (what are you doing with your hardware), but was miffed about the grips peeling off my Elite 1.

          • Only one controller out of my set of six PS3 controllers still holds a charge long enough to have a decent gaming session without having to plug in at some point soon after playing.
            Two of them don’t even turn on at all anymore.
            If I could slap in a couple of AA’s my life would be a lot easier.
            My base (launch) PS4 controllers aren’t holding up well either.
            Charge isn’t great for a start.
            But far worse than that, the rubber on the analogue sticks is breaking apart on all four of the PS4 controllers.
            Never had that with any of my PS1/2/3 controllers.
            I feel like Sony really dropped the ball on their controllers quality control for last gen.
            The dualsense really IS amazing though, so I guess I can forgive them!

          • That is kind of surprising. Is there anything unusual about how you were using the controllers? Did you often leave them fully discharged, for instance?

            If the battery is the only thing wrong with the controller, then it isn’t too difficult to replace. It is a little more fiddly with a PS4 controller compared to a PS3 one, but it’s not too bad if you’re doing it once every 3 years or so.

        • Isn’t it funny how different peoples experiences can be?
          Last gen, all 4 of my PS4 controllers have lost the rubber on their analogue sticks.
          And two of them now lose their charge very quickly.
          On the other hand, my two original Xbox One controllers are still like new, and battery life, well obviously that’s not really an issue!
          Also my Elite is fine too.
          That DOES still hold a good charge. Lasts ages actually, now I think about it!
          Man the Elite. Now that is a beautiful controller!

          • The earlier models had that horrible rubber sheath but the later ones went back to solid rubber sticks.

        • Batteries lose their capacity over time. That’s a scientific fact. While your controllers still might work for a gaming session. They still do not have the same capacity they did when they were brand new.

          Once the batteries are worn out what will you do then? You are SOL unless you want to open the controller yourself. Meanwhile, on the Xbox controller, you can just replace the batteries.

    • Yeh it’s annoying for sure. To be fair though, the battery in the charge and play kit lasts a SHITLOAD longer than the batteries in the PS4 controllers did. I was constantly juggling battery charges with those things but its not a worry with these. I just wish they included it with the controller!

    • Yes and when your intenal non user replaceable battery dies have fun with that.
      Personally i prefer having the choice of being able to use rechargeable or normal AAs, especially eneloops.

    • I love replaceable batteries. I can keep one charged, and swap out when required – no need to play with cables plugged in.

      The lack of replaceable batteries is the main reason I’ve held off on buying an Elite v2. Maybe time for an Elite v.3 with replaceable batteries and share button?

    • I’d rather replaceable batteries to be honest. Neither of my PS3 controllers work unless plugged in by USB anymore. If the rechargeable I bought for the Xbox fail? I can easily replace them.

    • The way batteries work on the Xbox controller is better than the PlayStation built in route. Gives you options and in a pinch, you can go swap out AA’s. The issue is simply that they should ship with one of the rechargeable sin the box, not that they support AA’s. With that being said many people have a stack of rechargeable already so wouldn’t need a MS battery pack.

    • Batteries lose capacity over time and use. It is infinitely harder to replace the batteries in sony controllers.

      Ill take the easily replaceable batteries over the controller were you cant easily replace the batteries.

  • Honestly I found the dualsense stuff a bit naff and turned it off after 30 mins of ‘huh thats neat’, but I’d always prefer more rather than less features.

  • It absolutely should. Tbh, I bought a new Xbox controller for my pc, I was expecting *some* sort of advancement, something different, some sort of… I dunno, something. Nothing was different except the texture. It’s still a great controller, but yeah, I wouldn’t be against them exploring the use of haptic feedback at all.

  • I still find the Xbox controller more comfortable to use (general shape and stick positions) than the PS4 controllers. Haven’t tried a PS5 controller though.

  • @jamesh re my PS3 controllers.
    (Sorry didn’t want to edit and have my comment disappear until tomorrow! Or even further!)
    They got a LOT of use! Like they really got thrashed.
    And yes, generally I try to keep my controllers on charge.
    As a rule I try to buy docks so that they are always charged and ready when I need them.
    And with 67 consoles/handhelds, it can be a fair while between sessions sometimes.
    So I like to keep them charged so that they don’t die if I don’t get to them for 6 months to a year.

  • Haptics and a mic. That’s about it. I guess the triggers are alright.

    But I don’t even want them to THINK about changing the shape, batteries (other than including a rechargeable pack with every controller) or texture of the controller. The new series controllers feel awesome. Definitely better than the XBone controllers, even without the other stuff

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