Of Course People Are Immediately Flipping Australia’s New PS5 Consoles

Of Course People Are Immediately Flipping Australia’s New PS5 Consoles
Image: Facebook Marketplace

Even though every retailer did their best this morning to service everyone they could, getting a PS5 in Australia is still a lottery. And it’s not helped by the fact that a good amount of people who just got fresh PS5 consoles are immediately reselling them at higher prices.

Australia has finally gotten a ton of new stock of PS5s over the last week. JB Hi-Fi has started texting customers letting them know their PS5s are available for pick-up, The Gamesmen has had little drops all throughout this week, and Amazon, Harvey Norman and Big W all fired off this morning.

The delivery times are pretty prompt too, which is excellent. But you know the bad news of everyone finally getting their PS5’s paid for and delivered/picked up so quickly?

People are immediately reselling them for more. Here’s one listing just showing off the purchase on Amazon.

ps5 australia
Image: Facebook Marketplace

Here’s another with their Harvey Norman order confirmation date from this morning. The console’s going for $1000, a $250 markup from the RRP.

“I have 2 for next week, from Harvey Norman and Big W,” the listing says.


ps5 australia
Image: Facebook Marketplace

And here’s another one immediately flipping their purchase for $350 profit.

ps5 australia

eBay is similarly stacked. A lot of listings are on both platforms — I’ve seen a couple where the photos look the same — although there are some prices on eBay that are hitting the $1500 mark. There’s about 20 consoles here listed in the last couple of hours. That’s not a huge amount in the grand scheme of things, but seeing listings going live literally minutes after fresh stock started dropping this morning is infuriating for those who want to buy a console to, y’know, actually play it.

ps5 australia
Image: eBay

Still, there’s really not a lot that can be done. As I wrote last year, consumer tech has attracted the eye of groups that have been operating online for years. Add the impact of COVID into the equation, and you have a recipe for a nightmare that can only be rectified with a mass improvement in supply.

Put another way, there’s absolutely nothing stopping groups like this Australian cooking group (which charges a $60 member entry fee to boot) from advertising an “easy $300-400 profit”.

The only real solution? Sony — and Microsoft — get enough supply of the consoles so that reselling becomes worthless. Artificially inflating prices doesn’t work when retailers can guarantee you a console at RRP.

Also, it doesn’t work if people don’t buy from resellers in the first place. I get why people do — there’s FOMO and all — but this is just how life for consumer tech will be. Please don’t feed into it.


  • For what little it’s worth – I got one from Big W this morning and I’m gonna play the shit out of Miles Morales on it, no flippin’ here sir

  • They basically feeding a grey market thats ripping off their customers, it needs to stop.

    Sell them direct to XBox and PSN accounts… if you buy a console, its bricked to your account and only your account.

    Until such time they have enough supply and demand that they reverse that decision and start putting them into retail stores.

    • Linking them to identity might be the better play, though that problematic as well. Either way it’s relatively simple to get family members, friends, etc to all buy a console for resale. It doesn’t seem to be happening in industrial quantities at least as the initial orders seemed to be – just a pack of individual chancers.
      What might have a better chance of working is if eBay, Gumtree, et al set a policy to delist sales of consoles above RRP. I mean they won’t but it would have a better chance of making a dent if buyers had to go to less trusted marketplaces to buy a grey-market console.

  • I had the opportunity to gauge and didn’t take it. Had a series S that I played for a bit and just wasnt feeling it, ended up just moving it on for the same price I bought it for. Got my money back and someone got their new next gen toy, and then probably proceeded to sell it again for $200 more than they bought it for from me. lol

      • I don’t know how to break this to you friend…. but in this specific senario where we are talking about a device that serves the purpose of playing games by oneself or with friends and family. It is literally a toy. Which I might add is not a bad thing. Toys are fun. You seem to have a negative perception of the word though….

  • It seems a lot riskier for this crap now than before Xmas, maybe that’s why there’s ‘only’ a $350 mark up!

    They’re adding new stock all the time, scalpers will hopefully get stuck with a heap of consoles they can’t sell!

    I got a XsX last week thanks to Kotaku and will keep it for many years to come!

    • And then they’ll get so angry that they’ll poop their pants. In front of all their ex-girlfriends and high school crushes.

  • I mean, why?
    I understood the idea of wanting to give it to someone for xmas.
    But NOW?
    You might as well just wait…

    • There are people where the price is not an issue, but constantly checking stores for new stock is. It’s not a huge amount of people, but then there aren’t a huge amount of consoles being sold this way.

  • I purchased an Xbox Series X and PS5 and had them both on release day. Played the heck out of Demon Souls. A bit of Spiderman and Sack Boy and some PS4 titles. My Xbox I played like twice and sat gathering dust for 2 months (mainly because I built a 5900x/3090 PC and the game pass is almost interchangeable). I sold it last week relatively guilt free as I just found I had no literal need for it.

    I was contemplating selling my PS5 now just because it’s not getting as much love and there is literally nothing coming out for ages, but I just have a stronger connection to the PS5 / it’s exclusives. Still tempting though given all this insane inflation going on.

  • Yeah, hope they’re enjoying it, because there’s already rumblings about extending scalping laws.

    They’re going to have to put an end to this shit. It’s over inflating value and has absolutely no bottom, providing you can continue to control the supply.

    What’s to stop a group just buying up console after console and completely cornering the market? Look at the diamond market. Supply stopped being an issue a long time ago. They simply control demand by ruthlessly controlling the amount of diamond available for sale on the market.

    This isn’t free market economics and they need to put a stop to it.

    • I hope they make it backdated for at least 4 years and include music festivals etc. Just FRY these scalpers. Fucking wankers.

      If all fails, I hope they develop bots that target scalpers and their bots and destroy their credit, hack their bank accounts etc. Fuck them.

  • Simple solution is just don’t buy them from these ****s and let them hold onto them until they have to take a loss to get rid of them. It’s not like there’s a whole bunch of games worth playing on these new consoles yet, so not really sure why anybody is in a rush to buy one at over RRP.

  • I might just wait a year or two till you can buy a PS5 in a store for under $500, the PS4/Switch and Series S have more than enough going on in the meantime

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