Please Enjoy This Beautiful Moment From The Final Fantasy XIV Community

Please Enjoy This Beautiful Moment From The Final Fantasy XIV Community
Image: Twitter

Final Fantasy XIV is known for having a very special, loving community. But when one player’s house was relocated recently, they received a very unexpected message.

First, a bit of background. After putting everything on hold because of the coronavirus, Final Fantasy 14 restarted automatic demolition of player housing back in November. The idea is to free up more housing and land, something that’s been a bit of an issue in Square’s MMO before.

So when one FFXIV player moved into their new house over the weekend, they received an unexpected request.

The plot, someone else told them, used to belong to a player called Wyleeum. “He was a kind, and generous, and very loving Warrior of Light – and he was very special to myself and my entire [free company],” the message read. “He passed away in May, so that spot, specifically holds special meaning to all of us.”

The player thanked the Aussie person for moving into the plot, and in honour of their late friend, they asked if they could send them a gift to store in their home as a memory to Wyleeum.

Wyleeum’s free company — basically the FFXIV version of a guild — tried to keep his house going, but once automated demolition resumed the plot was always going to pass over.

It’s actually staggering just digging through the amount of outpouring and tributes online for Wyleeum. On the day of his passing, amidst the height of the coronavirus pandemic worldwide, his group held a memorial on his virtual plot of land. He was described as a heartfelt, generous character who supported everyone thoughtlessly.

I’ll leave you all with the final line shared on Twitter by TheStarSibyl, which I think is just a beautiful sentiment for life and a wonderful little piece of humanity.

“It is a very special home, and it is a very nice location,” the message said. “I do hope you enjoy it, and thank you so much for your kindness in this.”

Let’s all try and share a bit of that kindness today, tomorrow, and throughout the rest of the year.

(Thanks to Kotaku Australia reader Scree for pointing out the story!)

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