Please Enjoy This Streamer Absolutely Demolishing A Dickhead In Chat

Please Enjoy This Streamer Absolutely Demolishing A Dickhead In Chat
Image: Twitch (negaoryx)

It’s always nice to see dickheads get ritually eviscerated for their bullshit, which is precisely what one Twitch streamer did in stunning fashion.

The moment took place during Negaoryx’s stream, amidst a match of Dead by Daylight. Negaoryx is a budding voice actor, having brought Whisk from Cook, Serve, Delicious 3! to life, but for the most part she works full-time as a variety streamer on Twitch. She’s also one of the most popular streamers on the platform when sorted by peak viewers, and that figure’s likely to rise even further after today’s recent demolition.

During her latest stream, Negaoryx — like many women on Twitch — was faced with the typical sort of sexist troll that most women encounter on a regular basis. It was the sort of thing you’d normally ban and then move today: “What colour is your thong today?”

The real obliteration, however, came when the commenter tried to turn the tables by blaming negaoryx for not “taking a joke”.

Cue one of the most epic takedowns of the year so far.

The official clip — not that many streamers are saving their clips these days thanks to all the DMCA drama — doesn’t have the extra animations and subtitles. But the added highlights work really well on social media, and it makes the clip a little more accessible too, which is always nice.

But even without that, it’s just super impressive to watch a streamer absolutely blitzkrieg someone so efficiently for two minutes straight. It’s a reminder of just how much skill it takes to smoothly maintain a story or anecdote while playing a video game. Even if you’d rehearsed it beforehand, it’s still hugely challenging to upholding the pace and cadence of a cracking point while aiming and navigating in a PvP game like Dead by Daylight.

And separate to all of that, it’s just nice to see a dickhead get absolutely destroyed online. It reminds me of another Australian streamer who got famous for her breaking news-style responses to increasingly bizarre and creepy Twitch chat requests, like spitting in a cup.

“This is what content creators should be calling out, and this is what content creators shouldn’t be allowing, and this is how you could go about it if you wanted to tackle the issue that we all face every day when we go live,” the Australian streamer told Kotaku at the time.

A couple of years on, more and more streamers are doing exactly that.


  • Absolutely demolished. This is advice a lot of people can use in any situation, don’t use “It’s just a joke” for things that clearly aren’t, that’s the cowards way out of being accountable for the shitty thing you said.

    Had a run-in on the weekend with a particular douche on Facebook who was posting anti-Biden stuff and when I questioned him about it, he said “It was only a joke lawl” which is just a huge cop-out and he absolutely refused to own it, and it’s not the first time he’s said a stupid thing and then backed out of it with “I was only joking!”.

    • Social media fosters that type of shit unfortunately.

      I remember a particular instance during the Australian bushfires over a year ago there was a politician that was discovered had been out actually working with fire crews for weeks. Genuinely helping, not just some photo op… And someone on my friends list posted about it and started talking shit because they simply didn’t like the politician.

      Yet when I point out the person was out fighting fires while they sit there talking shit, I’m the one that gets called a tool, etc. Then all their friends jump on to defend their bullshit despite it being plain as day how fucking stupid it was. It’s insane to me how easily some people will throw logic and reason out the fucking window.

      • That was Tony Abbott, wasn’t it? I remember seeing that in social media and the media itself when it happened and was dumbfounded that these people didn’t know that he’d been a volunteer for years. I’m not keen on following politicians, but his long standing volunteer work in various areas was well known to anyone who Googled him. He’s not the most likable person, but he was still doing a hell of a lot more fighting fires than 99% of the people whinging about him.

        • Yeah it was. I’ve never been a fan of him either, but man… Guy was actually helping, and these people on social media are just sitting at home talking shit, in some cases even blaming him for the fires.

          Like even if you could directly link his past political decisions to said fires… You’re now going to sit there and criticise him trying to help save people’s homes and lives? The nerve of some people is truly astonishing.

          It’s a small miracle sometimes that people ever bother trying to help, or try to be better and improve themselves.

          • What’s worse is that they only recently just caught a volunteer fire fighter who lit 30 odd spot fires during the Black Summer last year. Even if they wanted to blame Abbott’s policy, a lot of those fires came directly from lunatics like this arsonist and the usual infrastructure failures, before we even get to climate change policies. All it really did was highlight how unnecessarily nasty some people want to be over these things.

            The fact that charity still exists blows my mind at times with some of the vitriol on social media. Sometimes I wonder why people bother when all they get is hate from the usual crowds.

    • Its the typical go-to line for Clementine Ford and other misandrists when they post about murdering men in a variety of ways. “It’s just a joke.” “Can’t you tell I’m not being serious?” etc.

      • Lol. Never pass up an opportunity to be the victim. Never. You go boy, fighting the good fight on behalf of oppressed straight white easily offended male arseholes everywhere.

        • Uh mate, plenty of women like me think Clementine Ford is a loser as well. We’re not a monolith. If you’re running around saying random people don’t deserve to exist because reasons then individual men and women are gonna take issue with that. Might be time to meet some real people instead of university students who are in practice for their feminist theory exams.

          • Except that Clementine Ford has quite literally nothing whatsoever to do with this article, is only one person out of an Australian population of 25 million, and has never said “it’s just a joke” or even words to that effect.

            So basically, you’re just injecting the same old endlessly bitter straw man that’s eating you up inside into irrelevant articles no matter how tangential the actual subject.

            But look, I know a lot of real people and the only ones obsessed with Clementine Ford, or indeed the only ones who for the most part who even know who she is, are you two.

          • *women who do the same thing to men is brought up*
            “Youre just a bitter strawman”
            Never change Fishboy. Oh wait, you are incapable of that.

          • I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed this mate, but we talk about a lot of stuff in this comment section that has nothing to do with the article directly, but it’s because we feel it to be a related topic. People being hateful pricks in general and saying “it’s a joke” is a relevant topic and people that encourage being hateful pricks is a relevant topic. Whether it’s a streamer telling a sexist dickhead to piss off or an average person telling a sexist like Clementine Ford to piss off, the fact remains that we shouldn’t tolerate hateful people regardless of their status, sex, gender, etc. “It’s just a joke” or any other excuse doesn’t cut it and they should still be told to piss off regardless of their position in life.

            The rest of your response is entirely irrelevant to the point being made by @akeashar in no one should have an excuse for being a hateful bastard. Clementine Ford is an example of a category of person who do get away with being hateful and that’s why she’s mentioned here, not because people are “obsessed”, but because she’s a visible example of bad behaviour, in much the same way Bernard Tomic is an example of bad behaviour in tennis. You need to stop making assumptions because of your hurt fee fees and start reading what people actually write, because the vast majority of your replies are irrelevant to the topics on hand.

      • Meanwhile, based on the statistics, men just murder women.

        I mean it’s pretty obvious you’re a howling misogynist if you’re gonna fart out a post like that but come on dude, when it comes to the number of people who ‘post about murdering people’ and then claim ‘it’s just a joke’ you need to be pretty cognitively damaged not to be aware this is about a million to one in favour of men.

        In fact, a crisp $100 says you probably hang out in places where you get to see this demonstrated considerably more than anyone.

        By the way, before any of the using incel patrol parp up, I can’t stand Clementine Ford.

        But I dislike shitty incel misogynists considerably more.

  • That was unusually articulate. I’d love to file away a copy of the transcript to pull out on suitable occasions.

    • I can add it in at the bottom – figured it’d be nice to direct more people to watch the clip first. But it’s probably a good accessibility touch to transcribe it anyway.

  • Well that was gratifying, seeing that tired old layer of bullshit scraped so thoroughly away that it exposes not only that individual troll, but everyone who behaves the same way.

  • That was extremely well done and well articulated. It’s not a joke if there’s no real joke, no punchline and it’s being used as thinly veiled personal attack. “IT’S A JOKE” reminds me of the Daddy’o’five child abuse case on Youtube years back where the father was abusing the two youngest kids and came out with “IT’S JUST A PRANK BRO” in the exact same spirit. The sort of scum that makes you lose your faith in humanity.

    • I think my favourite part of that whole ordeal was them blaming Philip Defranco.

      As if to say that had youtubers like Defranco not signal boosted it and gotten authorities involved, it would have somehow still been fine to continue abusing their kids for money.

      • The moment I heard they dumped that poor kid at home while they all went to Disneyland, absolutely nothing they did surprised me, including them blaming Defranco. They would’ve been lynched for leaving the little boy at home while they went off on a dream holiday on its own, but the outright abuse was the cherry on top for their takedown.

        I’m forever disappointed that none of them served a jail term, because they carried right on monetising their child abuse on a private website once Youtube banned them.

  • I feel like I am the odd one out. Firstly I don’t get the appeal of watching someone else play a game, regardless of how good they are, but to each their own. In saying that, every time I have played in MMO’s and heard the voices on the other end, whether male or female, my first question usually is how well do they know the raid in question. Never have I stopped to ask anyone anything about them personally. I’m here to game, not to get a date. Some people on the internet, like the dip shit who asked about the g-string have no fucking life and need a stiff upper cut.

    • And that’s the major problem with the internet in trying to deal with these cretins.

      In person these people wouldn’t utter a goddamn word because it could have actual, genuine repercussions. Like a stiff upper cut.

      • That’s not true though. There are plenty of guys out there with all the confidence and none of the social skills who’d gladly yell something at any moderately attractive woman then call her a fat slut who can’t take a joke if she pulls them up for being sleazy. It’s a problem far older than Twitch.

        It’s why acknowledging that A) it’s not a joke/never was and B) it’s why we can’t make jokes about anything anymore is so important. It’s about understanding that it’s not radical feminists out to destroy fun it’s about utter creeps interrupting everything by waving their cocks around then adding jk as a shield when they don’t get the response they wanted.

    • it’s like a majority of people are obsessed with watching other people play sport, or play pretend on tv or at the cinema. Nothing really to ‘not get’. Just that you’re not interested in the games.

  • I am so impressed with her ability to continue playing the game WHILE simultaneously dealing a verbal smackdown. Good on her, misogynistic turds like that need to be held accountable.

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