Please Enjoy This Streamer Absolutely Demolishing A Dickhead In Chat

Please Enjoy This Streamer Absolutely Demolishing A Dickhead In Chat

It’s always nice to see dickheads get ritually eviscerated for their bullshit, which is precisely what one Twitch streamer did in stunning fashion.

The moment took place during Negaoryx’s stream, amidst a match of Dead by Daylight. Negaoryx is a budding voice actor, having brought Whisk from Cook, Serve, Delicious 3! to life, but for the most part she works full-time as a variety streamer on Twitch. She’s also one of the most popular streamers on the platform when sorted by peak viewers, and that figure’s likely to rise even further after today’s recent demolition.

During her latest stream, Negaoryx — like many women on Twitch — was faced with the typical sort of sexist troll that most women encounter on a regular basis. It was the sort of thing you’d normally ban and then move today: “What colour is your thong today?”

The real obliteration, however, came when the commenter tried to turn the tables by blaming negaoryx for not “taking a joke”.

Cue one of the most epic takedowns of the year so far.

The official clip — not that many streamers are saving their clips these days thanks to all the DMCA drama — doesn’t have the extra animations and subtitles. But the added highlights work really well on social media, and it makes the clip a little more accessible too, which is always nice.

But even without that, it’s just super impressive to watch a streamer absolutely blitzkrieg someone so efficiently for two minutes straight. It’s a reminder of just how much skill it takes to smoothly maintain a story or anecdote while playing a video game. Even if you’d rehearsed it beforehand, it’s still hugely challenging to upholding the pace and cadence of a cracking point while aiming and navigating in a PvP game like Dead by Daylight.

And separate to all of that, it’s just nice to see a dickhead get absolutely destroyed online. It reminds me of another Australian streamer who got famous for her breaking news-style responses to increasingly bizarre and creepy Twitch chat requests, like spitting in a cup.

“This is what content creators should be calling out, and this is what content creators shouldn’t be allowing, and this is how you could go about it if you wanted to tackle the issue that we all face every day when we go live,” the Australian streamer told Kotaku at the time.

A couple of years on, more and more streamers are doing exactly that.

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