One Of 2020’s Hardest To Find Games Is $27 Off

One Of 2020’s Hardest To Find Games Is $27 Off
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In any other year, Ring Fit Adventure might have been a bit of a slow sleeper hit, because folks who were keen on fitness were more than likely hitting the gym or engaging in social exercise groups at the local swimming pool.

Then comes COVID-19, and we’re increasingly being restricted indoors and engaging in smart social distancing, which doesn’t lend itself to sweating out in public. That made Ring Fit Adventure a huge hit last year. In an increasingly isolated world, it’s a great and surprisingly fun way to get your sweat on. That is, if you could find a copy of it last year.

Ring Fit Adventure was hard to find but hot commodity in Australia, with retailers like EB Games even going as far to limit the amount of copies they’d sell per customer.

However, good news, because it appears that Amazon Australia has stock of Ring Fit Adventure ready to fly off its warehouse shelves and into your restricted exercise space right now. You can also pick it up for $98, saving yourself a nice $26.95 off the RRP.

This article has been updated since its original publication.

Like Wii Fit before it, Ring Fit Adventure can be a little tricky to keep the pace with over time, but if you’re currently isolating, or not feeling that comfortable with visiting the gym, there’s plenty of time for you to work your way to superior fitness.

Heck, we’ve seen folks use Ring Fit Adventure to give their days a sense of normality during a very unusual year so there’s even scope for it to be good for your mental as well as physical health.

If you’ve already got Ring Fit Adventure locked into your Switch and depending on how frequently you use it, it’s not a bad idea to pick up an extra controller so you don’t have to be constantly popping your Joy-Cons in and out of the ring. A controller can also help you dodge the whole Joy-Con drift issue.

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  • It’s a great game BUT I’t needs a “I’m a potato and need to get fit” mode… people like me can’t keep up for the first 15 minutes of the game and that’s the only 15 minutes we ever use it :/ Seems like a really missed opportunity

    • You might do 15 minutes the first time, but the second time you could go 16 minutes. It’s never easy when it comes to starting any exercise routine. I went to the gym, returned 2 weeks later. Then I was going weekly for a few months. Until I started to build myself up to 3-4 times a week. COVID happened and I was locked out for 3 months. Once gyms reopened I started to attend twice a week and it was a huge struggle. And now in Melbourne it’s closed again.

      It’s hard to get in the habit but know that you’re doing this for you and it gets easier the more you try

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