Razer’s Project Hazel Is A Translucent Face Mask With RGB Lighting

Razer’s Project Hazel Is A Translucent Face Mask With RGB Lighting
I'd wear it . (Photo: Razer)

If you’ve got to wear a mask (and you do), it might as well be a super-cool, high-tech mask with a translucent plastic front, voice-amplification tech, and RGB lighting effects.

Every year at the annual Consumer Electronics Show, gaming hardware maker Razer demos conceptual projects that may or may not wind up becoming real. This year, along with a transforming gaming chair with a retractable display, the company is showing off Project Hazel, “the world’s smartest face mask.” It’s an N95 mask with dual rechargeable active ventilators providing bi-directional filtration. The mask portion is transparent, so people can see your smiling face. The silicon frame keeps the mask from pressing against your nose and mouth. And yes, the filters have RGB lighting, which can act as charge indicators as well as decoration.

Photo: RazerPhoto: Razer

Being a reusable mask, Project Hazel would come with a wireless charging box with UV light sterilization functionality. The idea is folks would wear this all day and then drop it in the box for cleaning overnight.

Photo: RazerPhoto: Razer

Razer’s done some amazing work over the past year in terms of covid-19 relief, converting manufacturing lines in order to deliver more than a million disposable face masks to frontline healthcare workers. That said, Project Hazel is more in line with what I imagine when I hear the words “Razer Face mask.”

Razer’s second CES concept is Project Brooklyn. It’s a transforming gaming chair. It’s got a bendable screen that pops up from the back of the headrest and a tray that folds out from the armrests.

Photo: RazerPhoto: Razer

It’s a pretty cool idea, though I don’t see this one coming to fruition any time soon.

Illustration: RazerIllustration: Razer

If it does, sign me up for a power wheelchair retrofitting.

You can find out about Project Hazel and Project Brooklyn at their official pages on Razer’s website.


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