There’s A Bot That Turns Reddit Arguments Into Ace Attorney Scenes

There’s A Bot That Turns Reddit Arguments Into Ace Attorney Scenes
Image: micah (YouTube)

Arguments in Reddit threads can be pedantic and bizarre at the best of times, so turning them into high Ace Attorney courtroom drama is just perfect.

YouTuber micah has created a wonderful little tool that takes comment chains from Reddit and transforms them into appropriately silly scenes from Ace Attorney. If you want to mess around with the Python code for yourself, you can find it on Github.

But if you just want an example of the absurdity afoot when people complain about, say, using slang and then explaining slang and someone getting way too pedantic about it all, then you’ll get plenty of hilarity from the video below.

Here’s how it works. After being activated with the !objection-bot comment — a list of supported subreddits is here — the bot then scans the comment thread for the most common and 2nd most common posters. They become Phoenix Wright and Edgeworth.

Other comments, meanwhile, can appear as objections or positive sprites depending on their tone and rating. A neural net assesses the tone and, if negative (or downvoted below 0), it’ll appear in the video as an objection. It takes about 10 minutes to respond, but the bot will eventually reply back with a link to a YouTube video for everyone’s enjoyment.

With the source code readily available, I wonder what other scenes could be used to give Reddit arguments and internet frustrations the tone and look they deserve. Surely this could be retooled to scrape, say, Twitter or Facebook threads too.

Either way, look forward to the many, many memes. You’re gonna see plenty of Ace on Reddit going forward.

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