Enjoy This Brilliant GameStop Stonks Sea Shanty

Enjoy This Brilliant GameStop Stonks Sea Shanty
Image: Supplied

If you’ve been enjoying the schadenfreude of GameStop’s stock drama, then I promise this will be the best thing you listen to today.

The ongoing battle between shitposters spamming rocket emojis and institutional investors and hedge funds has, without a doubt, been the best internet drama of the week and year so far. The latest developments have escalated the battle further, so much so that AOC, Ted Cruz and Elon Musk (???) are now all on the same side calling for Congressional hearings into the suspension of GameStop’s trade on Robinhood.

So, that’s a thing. But here’s a much happier thing that will put a massive smile on your face. A GameStop stonks sea shanty has been doing the rounds on TikTok, adding some superb baritone colour to everyone’s favourite David vs. Goliath battle of the modern age.


Gamestonk!! (song credit to u/quigonshin) #gme #stonks #market #wsb #gamestop

♬ original sound – geosaris

How can you not love absolutely everything about this? Apart from being a decent little shanty, it’s also sung well. The slow tick of GameStop stock soaring as the main graphic is perfect, and there’s just enough smattering of Wall Street Bets emojis and jargons to make the whole thing stick.

I wonder how the GameStop board — or Ryan Cohen who is turning into a bit of a cult-like figure through all of this — feels about it all. The next investor meeting won’t be for a couple of months, and while I can’t see rocket investors having the funds to hold out that long, I kind of hope they do. Still, there’s plenty of other shorted stocks for degenerates to go after.


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