Talk Of A New Knights Of The Old Republic Game Is Doing The Rounds Again

Talk Of A New Knights Of The Old Republic Game Is Doing The Rounds Again
Image: Bioware / Knights of the Old Republic

There are few things gaming has called for more than a new Knights of the Old Republic game. Sequel, prequel, reboot, whatever any executive could justify, people have wanted it. And just to get all our hopes up once more, talk of a new KOTOR is back on the menu.

It kicked off this week from B.O.B the Podcast, a podcast primarily focused on Star Wars, but also other games and TV series. Naturally, the chatter around Lucasfilm Games and new titles caught their eye.

In their latest episode, one of the hosts suggested that a new Knights of the Old Republic game was in development. And on Monday morning via Twitter, they clarified that the only confirmation they’d heard outside of development was that EA (and none of their associated studios, including Bioware) aren’t working on it.

EA are still working on their own Star Wars games — although their headline project later this year will likely be Battlefield 6, rather than a new Star Wars property.

The KOTOR development has been corroborated by a couple of other reporters and industry insiders. One of those was Wushu Studios’ Nate Najda, who said the studio responsible was “just not a household name most people are aware of”. And after looking into suggestions for years about a new KOTOR — and debunking said suggestions years ago when people believed EA was rebooting the series from its Austin studio — Jason Schreier posted just before Christmas that “nobody’s going to guess” who the developers are.

So it looks like there’s a genuine effort to get KOTOR off the ground. And we’ve been here before. BioWare Austin built a prototype, but the project wasn’t greenlit by EA.

But KOTOR still lived on in the wider Star Wars universe. Star Wars Clone Wars deleted a scene that would have introduced Darth Revan, a protagonist from the video game. Star Wars Rebels had some references to KOTOR in the third season, and LucasFilm president Kathleen Kennedy said the studio was doing “something” with the franchise back in 2019.

The excitement around KOTOR and a new sequel — or new anything — reminds me of the TIE Fighter/X-Wing appreciation that’s never died down. Star Wars Squadrons worked off that and built a modern version of those classic space operas. Fans just want to see another great RPG in the Star Wars space, even if it’s not a full AAA project.

It won’t be the same as an official announcement, but we should get word about how the Star Wars license is going soon from EA. The company’s next conference call is early next week, and it’s likely that investors will ask questions about what Lucasfilm Games and Ubisoft Massive’s new project means for EA’s relationship. That won’t answer questions about KOTOR, obviously, but it should give everyone some food for thought.


  • If we’re getting anything, its more than likely going to be High Republic era games, since that is part of the canon and a large focus.

    The way I’d seen this news covered elsewhere covered much of the same material, but it all circled back to one source that everyone had been repeating their information from.

    • Yeah. I’d assume the push for High Republic and the fact SWTOR is still up and operational are two big hurdles for getting a new KOTOR underway. That said they’re clearly going out of their way to please fans with their decision making and a new KOTOR buys a lot of good will.

  • Haven’t played the games so I’m comparing them with modern games and can’t say I’d want to.

    What I would like is for someone to develop an Old Republic (so much more interesting) game based around those bloody cinematics that SWTOR had made.

    Or just make that into a full show. That would do.

  • With the Indiana Jones deal my guess would be one of the developers under Zenimax. Arcane could do well with the title

  • None of EA or any of their studios AREN’T working on this??

    Will be interesting to see so many different studios working on the same project at once! I wonder what part Dice will play?


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