The Best Video Games Starring Sharks

The Best Video Games Starring Sharks
Maneater (Screenshot: Tripwire Interactive / Steam)

There have been a lot of video games released over the years that feature sharks, but not as many let you play as these smooth and deadly beasts. And often shark games aren’t very good. But some stand out.

Here are the best shark games ever made.

Jaws: Unleashed

I remember being very excited to play this game back in the day, but when I first heard about it the game was called Sole Predator. It was a short blurb about being a shark and a single, tiny screenshot in a gaming magazine. But it got me pumped to play the game. Eventually, the game was released as Jaws: Unleashed. I’ll be the first to admit it’s not an amazing game, but it was a blast to zip around as a shark. The game was wild too. At one point you grab a guard and use their keycard on their body to unlock big underwater doors.


In a lot of ways, Maneater feels like a spiritual successor to Jaws: Unleashed. It’s not connected at all, but it’s hard to not at least be reminded of Unleashed while playing Maneater. However, this newer game adds more things to kill and a whole level system, letting players grow bigger and more powerful over time. I liked Maneater, even if it’s filled with the same mission over and over. It’s the best shark game you can play right now.

Feeding Frenzy 2

The original Feeding Frenzy didn’t let you play as a shark. Boo! This error was fixed in Feeding Frenzy 2. In two different levels, players take control of Goliath, a great white shark that can grow huge after eating enough fish. Simple controls and no gore might leave some shark fans disappointed, but Feeding Frenzy 2 is a great game and available on Xbox One via backwards compatibility.

Hungry Shark World

The Hungry Shark games have been around for a few years now on mobile devices and tablets. I’ve enjoyed playing them, but they always felt small. Hungry Shark World takes the basic gameplay loop of those smaller mobile games, shark goes around eating things and finding collectibles, and builds it into something much bigger. So big in fact that the game got ported to PS4 and Xbox One. And it’s a great game on these platforms. The Hungry Shark games always played better with a controller and on a big TV Hungry Shark World feels right at home. And you get a large selection of sharks to play as, something most other shark games don’t offer.


Depth is a shark game where you also sometimes have to play as humans. This isn’t great, but it means that when you are the shark your victims aren’t random NPCs, instead they are other people. It makes the hunt that much more enjoyable. Like Hungry Shark World, you can choose from different sharks in this online PVP game. It is nearly six years old at this point, so finding matches might be hard. But if you can, it’s a fun time. When you are the shark at least. As the humans it’s scary and nerve-wracking.

Bonus Game: Grand Theft Auto V

99% of GTA V is a game about being a person who commits crimes, usually with guns and cars. But in the PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions of the game, players can find hidden plants that, when eaten, turn them into different animals. Some of these animals include sharks!

The gameplay as the shark is extremely limited. You can bite, swim, and die. But it does look nice and considering how there aren’t that many shark games out there, I’ll take any shark action I can get.

This article was originally published in June 2020.


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