The Good Guys Has Some PS5 Stock (But Don’t Expect Much)

The Good Guys Has Some PS5 Stock (But Don’t Expect Much)
Image: Sony

Getting a PS5 in Australia has been a nightmare. And that wasn’t helped by The Good Guys, which was forced to cancel their PS5 preorders after failing to secure enough stock. But for those who went through the ringer, there’s some light at the end of the tunnel.

The Good Guys has sent out emails this week announcing that they have “secured a limited number of additional PlayStation 5 consoles”, according to a shot posted on Twitter. The stock allocation is being sent out to people on The Good Guys’ priority list — aka. everyone who had their original PS5 orders cancelled.

The email notes that the PS5 consoles are only available for delivery. More crucially, there’s a timer on it. If people don’t submit an order by January 21, 12:00pm AEDT, then “you will lose the opportunity to buy a PS5 at this time,” the email says.

There’s an official form open on the Good Guys website here for people to submit their email. However, it says only customers who directly received an email invitation to apply will be eligible.

The other way of reading this is that The Good Guys will have a small offering of PS5 consoles from 12:00pm AEDT tomorrow. They’re likely to go within minutes, however, if not sooner. But at least this way everyone has a sufficient enough heads up that they can, uh, refresh in time. I can’t imagine it’ll be a huge allocation; I’d be genuinely surprised if they had anything more than a few hundred units nationwide, especially since Australia isn’t at the front of Sony’s queue.

Good luck everyone! (And let us know if you manage to get through!) Other vendors are shipping or making their latest round of PS5 Aussie stock available this week too, with those who placed an order at JB Hi-Fi getting their stock this week. The Gamesmen have done a few small surprise drops as well. No word yet on what’s happening with Amazon, EB Games or other vendors, but we’ll keep you posted as always.

Update 12:10pm AEDT: It looks like people who missed out initially still haven’t received links to pay yet. Good Guys have promised to sort those people out first, so until that’s resolved, don’t expect fresh PS5 stock to open up. That might get sorted out today, but it might also happen tomorrow. Keep an eye on this page until then, and use a browser extension/your tracking change tool of choice to stay posted.

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