The ‘Shop Contest Awards: 2020

The ‘Shop Contest Awards: 2020
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Hello everyone and welcome to this year’s ‘Shop Contest Awards. This year, like last year, we will be looking back at the best, worst, funniest and weirdest images you all created over the course of 2020. And as always, I’ll be handing out some awards!

No, these awards aren’t called the ‘Shoppies. Stop trying to make that a thing. Also, 2020 is over. Hooray. While I understand that 2021 will probably end up being just as bad, I’m at least optimistic that it won’t be worse. It can’t be. Can it?

The Best(?) Sonic Images

I hate that Sonic has become an unofficial, can’t stress that part enough, mascot for my era of ‘Shop Contest. This fact will haunt me for the rest of my life and will be a low point in my career. Anyway, here’s some Sonic images… you bastards.

Image: GreasedScotsman (Astroneer Costume)
Image: Ohamsie (Baby Sonic)

The Worst Image Of 2020

The worst image of 2020 was tricky to find. Then I stumbled upon this thing from the Speaking Simulator contest, which I didn’t judge so I barely remembered it. But now I wish I could forget it. Take your prize sciteach!

Image: sciteach (Speaking Simulator)

The Funniest Images

I looked back at last year’s ‘Shop Contest Awards and I noticed that I mentioned how bad 2019 was for people and boy, did I have no idea what was coming for us all in 2020. Anyway, here are the funniest images from 2020!

Image: AmazingMeow (Zipper T. Bunny)
Image: Badonkagronk (Shark!)
Image: Yoda’s Neglected Brother (Next-Gen Brute)

The Best Movie Posters

Just like last year, we got a bunch of movie posters in 2020. Here are some of my favourites!

Image: RichardRae1 (Patrick Stewart)
Image: Mrichston (Zipper T. Bunny)

The Most Impressive Creations

Every week I get great images. But sometimes, I get images that are so good looking and impressive that I feel inspired to do better with my own Photoshop creations. These images don’t always win, so I wanted to showcase some of them here.

Image: NetherYam (Patrick Stewart)
Image: Neuroplastique (Shark!)

The Best ‘Shop Contest Image Of 2020

Now, the final award. The big winner! The best of the best. To pick this image, I went back and looked at every previous winner from 2020. Then I spent more time than you might think pouring over each creation, judging how funny it was, how good it looked and if it contained any Sonic or Limp Bizkit imagery.

So, after all that, here is your winner!

Image: Punxsutawneyphil (RIP Mr. Peanut)

Congratulations to Punxsutawneyphil! Taking the ridiculous concept of Mr. Peanut dying and turning up the action to 11 was perfect. A great image. It’s also wild to me that this image was created this year. 2020 feels like it was a decade long.

That’s the end! After a year of contests, what have we learned? We now know that a lot of you are still into Sonic. For some reason, Limp Bizkit is also a thing now, thanks for that Bob. We also had fun together (almost) every weekend, even as the world seemed to be falling apart around us. We even joked about how bonker and crazy things were getting.

These ‘Shop Contest posts aren’t the easiest thing to put together each weekend, but I have no intentions of ending things now. They are always a nice bright spot no matter how dreary the weekend might feel. So thanks for all the laughs and smiles!

Let’s hope 2021 gives us even more great Photoshop contests and less deadly viruses.

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