The Worst Games Of 2020 According To Metacritic

The Worst Games Of 2020 According To Metacritic

2020 was a terrible year in many, many ways, but we did get some great games too. Hades, Ghost of Tsushima, Fall Guys, Miles Morales, Crusader Kings III, and more all released this year. But as usual, it’s not all good and this year saw the release of some games that weren’t well-reviewed by critics or fans.

[referenced id=”1199631″ url=”” thumb=”×169.gif” title=”The 12 Best Video Games Of 2020″ excerpt=”2020 is over, which is great, even if it doesn’t mean everything terrible about this year is now in our collective rearview mirror. Video games played a bigger role in many of our lives than they have in years past, which made picking Kotaku’s top games pretty tricky. But, as…”]

Here are the top five worst games with at least 7 reviews based on Metacritic scores.

5. Arc of Alchemist | Score: 36 (Switch)

Too small, too boring, and too repetitive, Arc of Alchemist ended up being a flop for most critics.

4. Fast & Furious: Crossroads | Score: 34 (PC)

Driving games are about driving, as you might think. So if you’re making a boring, ugly-looking movie-tie-in driving game, the one thing you need to nail is the driving. And Crossroads doesn’t even do that. Maybe all of this could be forgiven, but publisher Bandai Namco also decided to charge $US60 ($78) for this thing.

3. Dawn of Fear | Score: 33 (PS4)

Sometimes a game has heart and ambition, but the execution is a mess. That’s the case with Dawn of Fear, a game that is clearly inspired by classic survival horror games, but is also a broken and not very scary imposter.

2. XIII Remake | Score: 32 (Xbox One)

If you have to issue an apology for how bad your game is, that’s a good indication that you’ve got a mess on your hands.

1. Tiny Racer | Score: 29 (Switch)

Here’s an odd one. The worst game, based on Metacritic reviews, is Tiny Racer. It appears to be a crappy little race car game with some bad AI. What’s interesting to me are the user reviews. Most of these games have few if any reviews from users. But this has five positive reviews. Are they just having part of some unknown prank? Or did they really enjoy the game? I’m not sure, but if they are being honest, I’m happy some folks had fun with Tiny Racer.

While these games are the worst reviewed on Metacritic, even bad or lacklustre games can have fans. (Look at Tiny Racer!)

Maybe you played one or more of these games. If so, let us know what you thought. Do these games deserve to be known as the worst of 2020? Or are there even worst games out there that nobody knows about that deserve to be on a list like this.

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